Monday, February 18, 2013

Where's she being born?!

Soooooooo JUST to let you all know, THIS WEEK, there will be a new member to my family born!!! My sis-in-law Jewel, is scheduled to have lil Juliana THIS FRIDAY, the 22nd...buuuuuut you NEVER know, she could come even sooner!!! ANNNND once she is born, i just wanna let you all know that you'll be hearing A LOT about her!!! LOL!!! 
So tonight after church Denae was asking me WHERE she is going to be born and without even thinking about it I was like,  ummmmm...I think PV Mall!!! Denae is like WHAAAAT??? I was like, I MEAN I meant to say PV HOSPITAL!!! (PV=Paradise Valley! LOL) AHAHAHAHA!!! Denae's like was gonna say, THAT WOULD BE WHERE YOUR BABY WAS BORN!!! 
She's like I can soooooooo see you going into labor, OH WAIT, One more stop at Claire's for another hair accessory, I gotta make sure I look good!!! I'm like THATS RIGHT!!! Ima look good for my lil baby!!! Aaaaaah SOME DAY when my baby is born...IF its a will NOT even gonna be able to see her she will be soooooo dolled up in fluff and lace...ANNND I can't wait to give my daughter her FIRST pair of heart-shaped sunglasses annnnd to teach her how to purrrr!!! 
Just WAIT till you meet me Juliana...your gonna LOOOOOOVE your cRaZy Aunt Mar-Bear!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)