Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Fan!!!

Sooooo I hav a NEW FAN for this blog annnnd I'm pretty sure that this fan is my biggest fan everrrr!!! MY MOM!!! Now that my mom had an iPhone, I made her an app for my blog and she is on EVERYDAY!!!! She even reminds me when I don't hav a post up... I get a text from her WHY havn't you posted yet today???
So yesturday when I was at her house she was taking to me about my blog annnnnd she was telling me. About how funny I am I'm like awwwww!! Annnnnd she is tellin me about how she is really impressed with the pics I can take of myself!!!See, my mom is a proud of the talents I hav that no one else can understand, my mom, Does!!!
 Soooo yeah, THEN MY MOM says, buuuuuut, there is ONE thing I noticed that you need to change, she says that I say Oh My Word, juuuuuuust waaaaay to much,she said its just a by word,for, oh my goodness, which is a by word for oh my gosh, which is just a by word for oh my God... Which is using Gods name in vain which goes against the word of God... Soooo yeah!!!

My mom has always been really strict with using any kinda lingo that COULD be interpreted as a cuss word...Like, growing up I would get my mouth WASHED out with soap for ANYTHING!!! So I was like well what am I supposed to say then instead if OMW??? She said NOTHING!!! Just leave it out altogether!!! I woulda tried to argue with her about it except I already felt bad about it for like over a year cuz I knew my mom would NOT approve of my saying it all the time buuuut I was just like oh well, mom will NEVERRR BE ON MY BLOG!!!
WRONG!!! AnywayZ, after I posted yesturday about my conviction my mom texted me and was like what about saying Oh my word??? Sooooo I was like Oooo yeah...I'll fix that too!!! Sooooo i'm going to try really hard NOT to say OMW anymore!!! Sooooo my mom is NOW my newest and biggest fan and also my CRITIQUE... Cuz trust me, if she does NOT like something I post she will NOT hesitate to inform me!!! (: buuuuuuuut thats Okaaaaaay cuz she'll help me to make this blog BETTER!!!
♥Mary Frances :)