Thursday, April 11, 2013

A quarter a tank of gas???

Soooooooo a couple of weeks ago me and Kim were out cruisin together...yard saling...wal-martin...etc..LOL... So her mom calls and she is talking to her mom and she is like Okaaaaaay mommy poo say hi to Mar Bear! So i'm talking to her mom and then her mom is like ok well I have to go back to work, just tell Kim that we have a quarter of a tank of gas left. So i'm like, Ok! Love you BYE! Hang up, hand the phone back to Kim and say, "your mom said to tell you that she has a quarter of a tank of gas left.
Kim's like, "Oh ok!" Then she pauses and says, is a quarter of a tank of gas a lot? I'm like...ummm I have NO IDEA...she is like NEITHER do I! I'm like, yeah...I was kinda hoping you would know when I told you what she said! She's like, well I don't know fractions! I'm like, OH is a quarter a fraction??? Annnnd we both just crack up laughing driving away to Walmart... like yeah we're SPECIAL...who cares how much gas her mom's got!!!
Like TWO HOURS later I'm like, Heeeeeeeey KIM!!! I think I know HOW MUCH a quarter of a tank of gas is!!! She's like, REALLY? I'm like, yeah cuz like, if you think about it, FOUR QUARTERS make ONE DOLLAR soooo ONE quarter...Kim's like...ISN'T VERY MUCH GAS!!! I'm like nope its NOT...I think your mom was lettin you know that she's almost on EMPTY!!! AHAHAHA!!!! (At this point she was probabley stranded on the side of the road hitch hiking...bahahaha!)
Kim's like, WOW! Mar Bear, you figured that out...your SOOOO SMART!!! I'm like IKR?!?! She's like SEE thats because you finished college! I'm like, ummm the only thing I HARDLY, buuuut DID complete, was HIGH SCHOOL!!! I'm like what you call a COLLEGE DROP OUT!!! She's like HEEEEY AT LEAST YOU WENT!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Thats WHY I keep her around...
she ACTUALLY thinks i'm like...
SMART!!! ;)
(But i mean really, you all have to admit your pretty impressed that I related the quarter a tank of gas to four quarters in a dollar...YES...that was some GOOOOOOD THINKIN!!!)
♥Mary Frances :)