Monday, April 15, 2013

Reccomended blog posts!!!

I've decided to start doing something once a month...a list of MY FAVORITE blog posts for the month or the last lil bit...this includes MY BLOG and other Apostolic bloggers!!! I"ll simply write the title of the post and link it to that blog post.

They're EVERYWHERE!!! (Tell it Bro. Ballestero!!!)
Words of dating wisdom!
Please Stay with me!
How The Ethiopian got his name! (Super FUNNNNY!!!)
Revelation about THE BODY!
Classic Mary (Gas Station) MOMENT!!!
Only A MOM!!!
Introduction TIME! (MEET HER!!!)
High Heeled Determination!
When God brings you a..
My White Man!
Dear Teenagers!
Self Esteem Week

Weeeeeellll MY ALL TIME favorite post I wrote for the month is  I just wanna be... made me laugh the hardest writing it!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! buuuuuut the I just wanna be post is in competition with ME... from MY OTHER post that makes me laugh sooooooo HARD....FUNERAL THOUGHTS!!! Can't decide WHICH one makes me laugh MORE!!! What do you all think???
Which post makes YOU laugh MORE???
♥Mary Frances :)