Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AMA Monday night

Soooooooo last Monday night was the first night of AMAYC!!!
We all had sandwhiches in the bottom of the and Daisy discovered we both love pepper jack cheese!!! YUM!!!! I mean, I already knew that I did...I just didn't know that Daisy did and she didn't know that I did...know what I'm sayin??? LOL
The chorale from the Moore's church sang...THEN Bro. Andrew began his week long of MANY ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Bro. Joel Booker preached an AMAZING message about God shaking the foundations of our whole an earth quake and we are FOREVERRR CHANGED!!! It was definatley a good message to start off the conference!!!
This is my outfit that I wore the first night...just in case you all were wondering...which i'm SURE you all were!!! Even tho I my hair looks cute...I had a BAD hair day!!! See, it was SUPPOSED to be down and curled buuuuut that soooooo did NOT happen!!! LOL

After church that night I was sooooooooo TIRED!!! I felt kinda outta it!!! See look at how my eyes are just droopin in the two hours of sleep was FO SHO catching up to me!!!
Here we all are just hanging out...I met Dawn's sister, Sis. Miranda, she is sooooo AWESOME and funny!!! LOL!!! I was like were you here last year??? And she said that she was! I was like, OH did I meet you??? And she said that she had kinda tried to talk to me about my hair but that I seemed disinterested or something in talking to her!!! I'm like Oooooo...I'm soooooo SORRY!!! Annnnd I explained to her that I'm super airheaded at times...and Denae was like, yeah annnnnd if Mary is distracted about ANYTHING its pretty much impossible to hold a convo with her!!! Yup...this is TRUE!!!  
I was sooooooo tired I actually went inside an hour before bed time...buuuuuuut then on the way to bed I got distracted and started talking to Devi and Shannon and was an LPC/former LPC girls moment!!!

THEN Bro. Andrew walked by and I was like, GUESS WHAT??? I didn't lose service and my phone is STILL getting text messages!!! You can NOT tell me that, that is NOT GOD!!!! Annnnnnnnd Bro. Andrew says, YOU KNOW that you can put your phone on airplane mode??? I'm just sitting there like, WOW!!! Soooooooo FIRST OF ALL, this guy doesn't even comprhende the AMAZING MIRACLE of God that has been brought before us, No one has PHONE SERVICE...buuuuut I do!!! THEN he has the AUDACITY to suggest that PERHAPS I should put my phone on AIRPLAINE MODE!!! I'm like yeah, buuuuuuut we're NOT on an airplane, we're like, AT CAMP!!! Therefore, wouldn't putting my phone on airplane mode be like DISHONEST to MY PHONE??? Wow...soooooo NOW WE"RE promoting  LYING to our this world coming to??? ANNNNNNND all at A CAMP???? MY, my. my MY!!!
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I then felt like it was time to take the next 30 minutes early to bed!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnd that my friends was...Ooooo WAIT nooooooo that wasn't the END of the first night!!! I went to sleep buuuuuuuut then someone shut the door to our room all the way annnnnnnd it was like TOTALLY PITCH BLACK in the room and I woke up without having any idea where I was!!! I was sooooooooo confused and scared I started yelling out THERESA!!! THERESA!!! THERESA!!! Yes, almost 30 buuuuuuuut still scared of the dark and yellin for my big sis!!! LOL...FInally the YOUNGER girls told me where I was and I got up and stumbled to the door and left it open so that some of the light from the bathroom would come into the room...... ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND THAT was the FIRST night of...
More to come!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)