Thursday, June 13, 2013


TUESDAY!!! Sooooo this is when all the FUNNNN REALLY got going!!! Soooooooo Tuesday morning I woke up refreshed...annnnnd headed out to the chapel for early morning really is soooooo AWESOME to have the opportunity to meet early in the mornin with all my fellow campers for that special time of prayer!!! Early morning prayer IS do NOT have to go....buuuuuuut ALL THE COOL KIDS GET UP AND GO!!! (:
As you can see tho, my eyes are still not opening all the way tho...AHAHAHA!!! Soooo then after morning prayer is over its time for breakfast and we all walk over to the cafeteria together and had I think it was this AWESOME belgum waffles...there is always fresh fruit/cerial/ grandnola/ yogurt and coffee/hot chocolate...yeah breakfast is pretty much THE BEST!!!

If I have free time before morning church I just like to walk around by myself and observe nature and my surroundings...its soooooooo pretty!!!

This is the new playground they had this year for the kids...
Sis. Devi and Bro. Andrew Foster sang together...

Bro. Larry Booker preached an amazing messaged called Misdiagnosis! He told us a story about a king...I THINK... or dude just some famous man from HISTORY that I think was important or something...anywayz, this man was feeling sick and always coughing and stuff and his one doctor said that this was REALLY SERIOUS and that he MUST get it taken care of RIGHT AWAY!!! However, this man and his wife decided to get ANOTHER doctor's oppinion and these OTHER doctors were just tryin to be nice and make a good imprression on the very important man and they said oh its no big deal...just take some cough drops...annnnnd much to the FIRST doctor's dismay they listened to these other doctors instead of him and a few months later this man died of THROAT CANCER!!!
Bro. Booker than told us about how the man of God is like the doctor in our spiritual lives and that when he sees sin in us he gets on us because he is TRYING TO SAVE US!!! And he talked about how you can go to OTHER doctors that will make you feel all good and they won't tell you that your going to hell when you really are cuz all they want is your money...buuuuuut your really just being MISDIAGNOSED...buuuuut no matter what they say the sickness in you is STILL THERE!!!

Brandon and Shannon Tyler!!! They met the first AMA! He got her number the next AMA! They were married the NEXT AMA annnnnnnnnd this year they had their own lil baby girl!!!

They CAME TO A Mountain APART buuuuuuuut they came back TOGETHER!!! Woooooooooohooooooooooo!!! ;)

Megan and Delora...CHURCH GIRLS!!!
I said SMILE to Bro. Luckenbaugh and Bro. Franks and they were like OH NO...we're gonna end up on her BLOG!!! AHAHAHA...YUP...SURE THING!!! :)

The Velez Girls!!!
Rocky and Daisy Velez...Some girls just WISH they were a Velez girl...heh, heh!!! ;) 

Jacqui and Grandma Cleveland!!!

ARCHERY!!! Woooooooohoooooo!!!!

Me gettin ready to shoot!!! I was like, can I just pretend I'm CUPID??? LOL


Annnnnnnnnnd HERE I GO!!!

This guy, worked for THE CAMPGROUNDS, was showing us how GIRLS seem to ALWAYS want to stick out their hip when they was pretty funny and then me and Sis. Miranda had like really FUNNNNNNY moment while I was immitating was kinda a Mary MOMENT...LOLOLOL!!!

Go Travie!!!


Me and Sis. Miranda!!!

My CUUUUUUUTE OUTFIT!!! Denae made me this headband!!! SHe's sellin them now!!!

Me and Hanna Foster!!!

Choir practice...IN THE BATHROOM!!! THe sopranos had to practice in the ladies room!!! Sooooo weird....I found a SEAT...AHAHAHA!!!
ME and Emily...Soooooo this is Daisy, Rocky and Joe's niece...she had really been wanting to meet me and for us to get a pic together...AWWWWWWW!!!

Me and DAISY!!!

JOE ARRIVED!!!!! The handsome Mexican...Daisy was like sooooooo excited that her big bro was there...she made me get OUT OF THE DINNER LINE...goooooooo RUNNING OUT  ANNNNND SCREAM JOE!!! LOL Annnnnnd he just looked at us and smiled like this was totally typical...AHAHA!!!
The Choir....outta the ladies room...HAHA!!!

Bro. Booker preached about...

Daisy was helpin run the snack bar!!!


The Smith Boys...Ryan and Devon!!! Really fun and awesome guys....annnnnnd there SINGLE LADIES!!! ;) ;) ;)
Joe telling us RANDOM STORIES!!! LOL Funniest moment for the night was when Joe was telling this cRaZy folks tale and Stultz randomly goes, Oh YEAH, my grandpa told me this story!!! I was like WHAAAAAAT??? FOR REALZ??? He's like no, not really...
it was soooooo unexpected coming from Stultz,  I couldn't stop laughing and Joe just kept grinning and continued his ridiculous story...they all cRaZy!!! LOL Annnnnnnd this night we all stayed up UNTIL BRO. ANDREW said...TIME FOR BED!!! LIGHTS OUT!!! Sooooo we all went in...annnnnnnnnnd that was TUESDAY!!! I fell fast ASLEEP and slept the whole night waiting for...
♥Mary Frances :)