Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday AMA!!!

Thursday morning started off with another beautiful walk to the chapel for prayer, knowing that in previous years, this WOULD HAVE been the morning we were all saying goodbye to each other!!!
Bro. Frazier giving us our morning devotional, he was talking about heros in our lives, as in people we look up to but also Biblical heroes! My heroes are not the celebrities of this world....buuuuut the people of God!!!
Also, I forgot to say that the day before Bro. Mattew Garrett did our devotional and he talked about how the word of God is a sword that divides the spirit and the flesh. He was talking about how sometimes there are things that God will just begin to tell us to seperate out of our lives. Its not like we're not living for God, its just time to let go of things in order for us to move up higher and draw closer to God! I know personally for my own self that this made perfect sense when he talked about it! There have been things that i've felt like God wanted to me to get rid of or let go of, WHY??? I'm allowed to do it, its ok, its not SIN!!! I can't explain it, its just an urging in my heart that I can get rid of until I obey. But hearing this devotional helped to understand more, its the word of God dividing the spirity and the flesh!!!
Denae singing one of her newest songs that she has written which will be coming out on one of her albums soon to come!!! I'm soooooooo excited, I can't wait to hear another one of her CD'S!!! Btw people you can buy her music and the Abbotts on iTunes!!! Look up Denae Joy and also The David Abbott Family!!!

Bro. Booker preached today about enjoying the journey on the river of life!!! A very excellent message on basically just ENJOYING life!!! Which, I always do!!! :) 
Me and Shannon!!! 
These girls asked if they could all borrow my sunglasses for the day!!!
Then later on in the day when in the room askin if they could borrow accessories of mine, one of the girls said, "Mary, WHAT IF, the whole world was little Mary's???" I was like okaaaaaaaaay AS MARY HERSLEF, I'm gonna be the FIRST to say that, that would SOOOOO NOT BE COOL!!! LOLOLOL!!! First of all, it would be a cRaZy, WILD AND HYPER WORLD!!! LOL Second of all, part of what makes you guys like me is cuz i'm UNIQUE buuuuuuuuuut I would NOT be UNIQUE if everyone was just like ME!!! If everyone was like me, being MARY would be BORING!!! Annnnnnnnnnd plus, part of being ME, is that I LOVE that I'm different....ANNNNND I LOOOOVE THAT THERE IS NO ONE LIKE ME!!! 
Soooooooo TRAVIE had a little follower that just LOOOOOOVED and ADORED him...AWWWWW!!!! He became Uncle Travis!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Stultz had a lil follower too, buuuuuuuuuuut, he moved out of the picture as I was taking it cuz he said he did NOT want his picture taken by....drum roll puuuuuuleeeeeeze...A GIRRRRRRRRRLLLLL!!! AHAHAHA!!!
My pastor walked by to see this little boy posing for pictures like this for me and my pastor says, "Oh, sooooo your doing that because you heard that Mary likes Filipino guys huh!!!" LOLOL He does look pretty Filipino in this pic I MUST SAY!!! 
Travie just getting more and more LOVE from his little nephew!!! It was like the MORE he tried to get away the MORE this lil boy loved on him!!! By the end of the week they had moved from, Uncle and nephew to BROTHERS!!! AWWWWWWWW!!! LOLOLOL!!!
My cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutenesssss for the day!!!

Choir practice!!!
Convo between us girls! Megan: I'm singing off key! Me: I don't even know WHAT a key is!!! Selina: Someone lost their keys??? AHAHAHAHA!!!

It was basically just like really hyper choir practice!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo dinner tonight was Chinese food....NOT the camps strong point I MUST SAY!!! LOL!!!
 Buuuuuut the fortune cookies were pretty good...I got my usual HANDFUL!!!! I'm almost positive that i'm the reason Panda Express NO LONGER has that bowl sitting on the counter where you can just take a cookie....LOL!!!
Bro. Foster got up and talked about the importance of bringing your family to camp meetings!!! He said that he has made it a goal in his life to bring  his family to as many camps and conferences as possible. He said that he NEVER has gotten to see Yellowstone National Park or go on that Alaskan cruise buuuuut EVERY year he has brought his family to CAMPS!!! Basically, just taking about the importance of doing things together as a family that revolve around GOD!!! 

Then he brought up every member of his family, children, grandkids, inlaws and talked about how when he in church he was on his own, it was JUST HIM, buuuuuuuuuut this is the blessings of God on his life, A FAMILY that IS IN CHURCH!!! I thought this was really good for people to see because there are sooooo many people that think they can't make cuz its just them, or they feel all alone cuz they don't have a family and church, buuuuuut it just shows that YOU WILL have a family in church IF YOU STICK IT OUT and STAY STRONG!!!
Okaaaaaaaay soooooooo the funny thing about me asking the guys their middle names the night before is THAT, that night in one of Bro. Andrews MANY announcements he says, that they were asking THAT if any of the young men were wanting to stay in contact with any of the young ladies that they would PLEASE MAKE SURE they got permission for this first! Then he goes and this goes for you young ladies too!!! Then he goes buuuuuut REALLY ACTUALLY you girls should NOT be asking the guys for their numbers AT ALL!!! You let them aproach YOU! He goes, IN FACT, you young ladies shouldn't even ask these guys their MIDDLE NAMES!!!! I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???? Ooooooooo everyone started laughing!!! I'm like whaaaaaaaaaaaatEVERRRRR...I was sooooooooooo JUST being CURIOUS...LOLOLOL It was really soooooooooooo FUNNNNNNY!!! I have NO IDEA whateverrr provoked him to say that but it was a VERY FUNNY MOMENT!!! 
Then Bro. Joel Booker got up and preached the final message for the camp...
It was such the perfect way to end the camp!!! He just talked about how God likes to party! And he talked about, how when his family has a party its like, okaaaaaaay heres a WHEN his wife throws a party, EVERYONE is INVITED!!!! All the tio's and tia's (Sp??) LOL annnnnnnnd the food prep is just EXTREME and you could feed the whole city and everyone at church is invited and if they can't fit them alll in the house they'll go to the church etc...annnnd he said THATS how God throws a party!!! And he talked about how we needed to start celebrating what God was going to be doing in our lives and in our was just soooooooo AWESOME!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAY WE DID!!!
Everyone was dancing....

Praising and WORSHIPPING GOD!!!
Hearts being touched!!!
Thanking God...
As lives are being CHANGED!!!

Praising God for the lost loved ones that are going to be saved and the ones that are going to COME HOME!!!
Me and Violet...Emily's MOM!!!
Me and baby MaKayla!!! (Sp???) Awwwww she's soooooo cute and cuddly!!!!
One last pic of me and Sis. Miranda!!! :) I can't help but think of her running around EVERY NIGHT saying,  "last call for Snack Bar! LAST CALL for SNACK BAR!!!!" Then five minutes later, THIS IS THE LAST CALL FOR SNACK BAR!!!" Then the same thing ALL OVER again five minutes later!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo APARENTLY, Bro. Conroy was AT EVERY PERSON'S church that was at this camp...he preached the SAME message that we all heard annnnnnnnnnnd also taught EVERYONE the SAME AFRICAN SONG with the handclappin and foot stomping, MY LIFETIME...Lord I give you MY LIFETIME...annnnnnnnd IF I give you MY LIFETIME, I know that you'll take care of ME...
Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllll this kind of like became the THEME song of the camp whenever we were bored someone would start it up....(DAISY!!!) In the cafeteria line or outside we were ALWAYS finding times to do it!!! OF COURSE there were the people that complained about really you guys??? LIGHTEN UP AND HAVE SOME FUNNNNNNN!!! :)))) 
Me and DENAE!!!
Sooooo Denae is FORBIDDEN to tell stories FROM NOW ON!!! Grrrrrr!!! They're supposed to be jokes buuuuut...LOL
Tyler and HIS lil follower...AWWWW!!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd then EVERYONE back in the chapel at midnight for the camp slide show!!!!

THEN after the slide show we all went to hang out in the lobby of the dorm!!!
I think this night was sooooo one of the funnnnnnnnest nights everrrrr!!!
This is when the BUTTERING up to Bro. Andrew got started!!! Bro. Andrew, your NOT REALLY gonna make us go to bed in just a few minutes right??? I mean, you want us all to have FUN together right??? Puleeeeeze let us all just stay up and play Mafia?!?!?!
Then I really got going...LOL! I'm like, You know Bro. Andrew, this morning when Bro. Frazier was talking about heroe's, I couldn't help but think about YOU!!! Then I proceeded to sing, ♪Did you ever know that your my hero??? Your everything, everything, EVERYTHING, I know i;ll NEVER be...Did you everrrrr know that your THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS????♪♪ Oooooo I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!♪♪♪♪
Bro. Andrew told me to STOP...buuuut we were all laughing!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaaaay buuuuut puleeeeeeze can we stay up and play Mafia??? So he was like, Weeeeeeelllll do you guys want to play Mafia or do all just want hang out and talk to each other like you all already are doing!!! We're like YES!!! We just don't want to go to bed yet!!!
Then the random question came up, Bro. Andrew, HOW did YOU end up with Sis. Devi??? I piped up, OOOOO I CAN TELL YOU ALL THAT STORY!!! Bro. Andrew, okaaaaaaaaay Mary, lets hear YOUR version!!! MY VERSION, what do you mean MY VERSION??? Like HELLOOOOO i was THERE when it happened!!! Anywayz, I proceeded to tell the story, I was like, he asked her a Conqueror's Conference banquet and she said YES TO BE NICE!!! LOL Buuuuuuuut she told us in the hotel room that night that she had NO INTEREST in him because he was soooooooo  YOUNG!!! Two year like, WHATEVERRRR....big WHOOP...thats NOTHING in MY WORLD!!! I mean, I'm considering guys thart are...WEEEEEEELLLLL...I won't say just how many years younger than me...I don't wanna CREEP anyone out....Heh, heh!!!! AnywayZ, back in the day, two  years was a HUUUUUGE deal!!! I'm like sooooo yeah...she said he didn't have a chance...Bro. Andrew said OH your yes buuuuuut thats the basics!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuut then the NEXT year Bro. Andrew asked Sis. Devi AGAIN to the banquet annnnnd I remember thinking, whaaaaat REALLY??? He's ACTUALLY going to ask her AGAIN??? Buuuuut he DID annnnnnnnnd this time she didnt' just say yes to be NICE...cuz when we got to the hotel room THAT NIGHT, Devi told us, WELL i'm considering him, I mean two years isn't THAT MUCH YOUNGER!!! Yeah...HELLLLLOOOO...LIKE DUH!!!! Annnnnnd then A song was written about Bro. Andrew, Called; "When I think about Andrew" singing to the tune of, "When I think about The Lord" ♪When I think about Andrew, How he took me, to the banquet, two years, in a row, it makes me wanna SHOUT, hallalugha, THANK YOU JESUS!!!♥ Annnnnnnnd we won't go over verse two...cuz Sis. Devi will probabley blackmail me with STUFF...cuz at the moment she came walking into the room and everyone was like, OH Sis. Devi, we just heard YOUR SONG!!! She innocently goes, WHAT SONG??? i don't remember any song!!! All I REMEMBER is Mary's SONG called...OKAAAAAAAAAAAAY moving on...LOL!!!!
Someone was like sooooo Devi changed her mind about andrew??? WOW!!! Annnnnd Sooooo then Diego pipes up and says, Sooooo BASICALLY what happened is, Sis. Devi got DESPERATE!!! Oooooooooo BURN!!!  EVERYONE busted up laughing!!!!
FINALLY, when everyone calmed down again, Bro. Andrew says, "Welll DIEGO, I  hope that one day, YOU TOO, will be able to find SOMEONE that is DESPERATE ENOUGH to MARRY YOU!!!" Ooooooooooooooooooooo DOUBLE BURRRRRRN!!!! OUCH!!!! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! That was like five minutes of laughter from everyone!!! I was like, Okaaaaay after that AWESOME comeback, I think maybe you REALLY ARE MY HERO Bro. Andrew!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Finally...they told us all at like 2 am that we HAD to go to bed!!! Well us girls went upstairs to our rooms...I figured this was it soooo I walked on over to Dawn and Sombra and Moriah's room and started chattin it up with the older girls(Older as in....outta their teens...LOL) We're just sitting their chattin it up, then there is Knock on the door and its Daisy, we're like come on it and join us!!! We're just sittin there talking about guys for about ten more minutes when there is ANOTHER knock on the door, we figured it was another one of the girls coming in to join the party!!! We're like OH come on in!!! The door opens and its DEVI....Oooooo....I'm like Oh HEEEEEEEEY!!! LOL She's like, are your girls ready for lights out??? I'm like whaaaaaaaaaaat REALLY??? Like I can't believe they ACTUALLY made us go to SLEEP!!! Devi's like, Mary, Why is YOUR ROOM always the LAST ROOM with the light off??? I'm like weeeeeellll...I have NO IDEA...cuz I'm NOT even in it!!! She's like, EXACTLEY!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! She told the girls I've know Mary my WHOLE life...well I was 3 and she was 4...My first friend everrr tho!!! 

We FINALLY got ready enough for lights out....buuuuut I reminded Devi NOT to shut our door all the way and to leave the light in the bathroom on cuz I was gonna freak out if it was pitch black!!! Then she left our room...Us girls continued to whisper...I'm like heeeeey you guys...what time is it....they're like, almost three...I'm like okaaaaaaaay sooooo technically its morning RIGHT??? They're like, NO MARY, IT IS MORNING!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaaaaay so THEN if its morning, doesn't that mean that we can get up and pack??? The girls were all like YES!!! Buuuuuuut the maturity in me kicked in, I'm like, BUUUUUT we BETTER NOT!!!! LOL!!! Annnnnnnnnnnd its a good thing we didn't cuz...
JUST WHEN we were FINALLY silent for like ten minutes, ANNNNND I was ALMOST asleep ...I  heard a noise creeping by in the hallway!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat in the world was that??? Ooooo it was Sis. Devi, she had NEVER REALLY LEFT annnnnnd she was walking by ONE MORE TIME....just TO MAKE SURE we were REALLY ASLEEP!!! Which in actuality, HINDERED me from going to sleep SOONER...just SAYIN!!! HAHA!!! OH yes Devi, thats right, I HEARD YOU walk by!!! Uh huh, I ALWAYS HEAR and I NEVERRR FORGET ANYTHING...Neverrrrr... bwahahahahaha!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd we woke up the next morning ready for a FUNERAL!!! 
YES...there was a CAMP FUNERAL!!! :,(
♥Mary Frances :)