Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunglass funeral!!!

Sooooooooooooo do you all remember me tellin you guys about how my pink-heart-shaped-sunglasses broke???
Remember the devestation I felt in my heart on the trip over??? The laying on of hands???
Weeeeeeelllll...Funeral arrangements IMMEDIATELY began to be made!!! Jac even handmade a COFFIN for the sunglasses one night from two nacho thingys...LOL!!!

EVERYONE at camp was talking about THE FUNERAL!!! We even asked Bro. Andrew if he would make an announcment for it in all of his MANY ANNOUNCMENTS...buuuuuuuuuuuuut NOOOOO...he REFUSED!!! I think his EXACT WORDS...without paraphrasing was, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! LIke really??? WOW!!!
AnywayZ, we were all waiting for THE RIGHT moment for this sad even to take place and it only seemed right that the morning we were to all leave and say good bye to each other, that we would have THE FUNERAL!!!
Travis was SUPPOSED to be the PLANNED Palm Bearer of the casket, buuuuuuut he was NO WHERE to be found at the moment, sooooooooo BROC immediatley stepped up and filled in the gap and Diego without hesitating joined in and helped carry the heavy load!!!
As we were walking down the hill to the field...we were just OVERCOME with heaviness for this sad moment!!! Daisy fell to the ground in mourning screaming, NOOOOOOO annnnd WHY??? LOLOL
Soooooo we're walking along and Broc just walks us up to some shovel that just HAPPENS to be sitting there...we have NO IDEA WHY a shovel was there...we just claimed that it was a gift from God!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut as Broc was digging he was overcome by the great loss of my sunglasses!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd sooooooooo a sunglass-coffin size hole was dug...annnnnnnnnnnnnd I the mourner placed the coffin into the hole!!!
Then we all took turns putting a handful of dirt over the casket...

Daisy and Denae...
Emily helping!!!

Then a HEART tombstone was placed on top!!!
Flowers were thrown down!!!
THEN it was time for the actual FUNERAL SERVICE!!! YES, there WAS an ACTUAL SERVICE!!!
Jac wrote a special song for me and my glasses...I don't have all the words for it buuuuuuut it went to the tune of ♫You are my sunshine!♫ Buuuuuut this was, YOU WERE MY FAVORITE SUNGLASSES!!! AHAHA!!! It was pretty AWESOME!!!
Then Zack gave the obituary!!! His obituary went something like this: these glasses were given to Mary by Jacqui as a replacement after her previous sunglasses that she had gotten at the age of 26 were STOLEN...YES...STOLEN!!! These glasses have made it all over the world with Mary, the Philippines, Hawaii, many conferences, buuuuuuuuut sadly a few days earlier they were CRUSHED on the way to this camp by Mary's study Bible!!! These sunglasses are being preceded by about ten more pairs of sunglasses that are still with Mary...we can only remember these glasses for the good times they have had!!!
 After the obituary it was time for the PREACHING MESSAGE!!! It was a very ummmm...heartfelt message by Stultz...he started out somewhat "Serious" with something like, Well, we know that these Sunglasses have been all over the world and that their existence was ended by THE WORD OF GOD crushing them! We know not know WHY or where they will go from here on, we leave that WITH GOD!!!
Annnnnnnd the sermon ended with everyone laughing when it was said, Many cute guys were seen THROUGH THESE SUNGLASSES!!! AHAHAHA!!! Yes! Preach, PREACHER!!! Preeeeeeaaaaach!!!

 Annnnnnnnd then we all stood around with our last longing looks...
All of the sudden we had a LAST MINUTE MOURNER!!! We see Brandon Tyler walking up at the end with his hat over his heart...IT WAS SOOOO AWESOMELY FUNNNNNY!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd then he said his FINAL GOOD BYE!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd here we all are...THE AWESOMEST CAMPERS EVERRR at the burial site...with one last thought for all!!! NEXT YEAR!!! NEXT YEAR!!! NEXT YEAR!!! NEXT YEAR...we shall return to this burial sight...we shall all gather together and DIG UP the sunglasses!!!!! Annnnnnd then what AFTER they have been dug up??? Ummmm IDK!!! Maybe i'll let the guys all take them to the shooting range and have fun with them!!!! AHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)