Thursday, August 8, 2013

Missionary dating?!?!

Okaaaaaaaaaay soooo i'm currently working on todays post, buuuuut, several people have texted me and asked me from yesturdays post; WHAT IS MISSIONARY DATING??? AHAHA!!! I can't believe people have NEVER heard of that! Soooo I figure, if people that I know are asking, there are probabley others that are wondering too...Allow me to explain. Missionary dating is when people date someone from the world to "win" them to God! Therefore: MISSIONS!!! Lol I don't think I really need to go into WHY this isn't a good idea, aside from the fact that MOST of the time it doesn't work, if it does it might not be a sincere conversion and last of all, if it doesn't work your emotions will get involved and you'll begin to look beyond the fact that that they are not saved which could lead to an unequally yoked marriage. Furthermore, if it does work for you, your leaving an open door for others to look and say, it worked for them, so it'll work for me!!! Annnnnd...
THIS Is just for FREE: if your ever thinking that marrying someone that doesn't live for God, STOP being selfish! Stop thinking about just yourself and think about YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN!!! As a child that grew up in an unequally yoked home, I just want you all to know that it really STINKS!!! It can bring so much hurt and confusion. It wasn't my mom's fault because she married before she got in church, buuuuut I will NEVERRR do that to my future children!!! Its one thing when you are converted within marriage, buuuuut a completely different thing when you know the truth and are able to prevent it!!!
♥Mary Frances :)