Monday, November 18, 2013

Did you know???

Sooooooo THIS past Saturday, a bunch if us got to church pretty early for prayer so we're jus hanging out! So I'm sitting on the floor of the foyer chit chattin with Janelle, Sarah and Stultz. 
So Sarah sits down on the floor next to me and as she is lowering herself to the ground she is like OUCH! I'm like what's wrong?!?! Sooooo she tells me that she did some new work out routine today and she was really sore from it! She's like I found out that I have muscles that I had NO IDEA there were muscles there!!!
Weeeeeelllll ME, I don't wanna miss out on sharing MY excercise endeavor of the day also!!! Soooo I'm like, YEAH weeeeeelllll today my personal trainer had me doing dead lifts, so my legs and basically my whole body is really sore too!!! I'm like, soooooo yeah, I totally agree with you, we have muscles in places we NEVERRRR EVEN KNEW!!!
THENNNNNN... I decided to try and IMPRESS everyone with my incredible knowledge!!! Heh, heh!!! ;) I'm like, heeeeeeeey!!! Did you guys know that your heart is Actually A MUSCLE??? (Aperently, everyone ALREADY knows this!) Now I'm thinking about this, MY HEART, being a MUSCLE!!!
I'm like, HEEEEEEEY!!!! I WONDER HOW, you work out your heart??? I'm TOTALLY imagining in my mind, my cute lil heart lifting these lil weights!!! I'm like, hmmmmm... How would this work???
THEN IT HIT ME!!! I had this total moment of enlightenment!!! Working out my heart... It all clicked... I'm like, 
HEEEEEEEY, that's called like...
Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! As soon as I said it I REALIZED, like, DUH MARY!!! Of course THATS HOW you work out your heart!!! Everyone like died laughing!!! I think i laughed the hardest tho!!!
Everyone agreed...
Idk tho... I still think some cute lil pink barbells for my heart would be ADORKABLE!!! ;))) ima ask my PT About this tomorrow!!! ;) FOR THIS BLUNDER... She'll probably make me do EXTRA mountain climbers tomorrow or the dreadful...BIKE SPRINTS!!! JUST to ensure that I really DO KNOW, how to work out MY HEART!!! ;P