Sunday, November 17, 2013

First night!

Soooooo the first night...Before walking over to the church i was hanging out with my buds in the lobby...Robby and Kevin!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooooo people were saying that i'm DIFFERENT then they imagine me to be!!!Anali even told me that people were saying that they don't expect me to be calm when they meet me and people were telling me that I'm more quiet and they expected my voice to be higher pitched...LOL...Idk what to say...I'm just ME!!! I know, my voice is kinda nasally huh??? With the slightest twinge of a NYC accent even tho I was raised in AZ annnnnd about me being quiet and calm...The truth is that, BELIEVE it or NOT, as a child I was VERY QUIET!!! Sooooooo even tho i'm a friendly, outgoing person, MY FIRST NATURE IS SHYNESS!!! I really had to push myself to get beyond that! Annnnnnd honestly, I don't ALWAYS talk, everything comes in just don't know WHAT to expect or what will happen next when you are with ME!!! Honestly, even I wonder!!! LOL!!! WHEN I start acting cRaZy or when I purrrr at you, thats a compliment...It means I'm COMFORTABLE with YOU!!! aNNNNNND Feel FREE to pass that quiet part on to my pastor...heh, heh!!! ;)
Here are my PIN curl was WORTH looking like a DORK for over 24 hours!!! LOL
Me and Beautiful Miss Miranda!!!
Hanging out in the lobby with my gooooooooooood friends...Sooooo honored to be hanging out with an AW and AMM...Whoop, whoop!!!!
Everyone's chowing and here I am drinking a diet soda and taking pics of myself!!! LOLOL They're like, your not gonna eat, i'm like, ummmmm still working on that 50 pounds before WCC!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay annnnnnnd THEN a Classic Mary Moment happened!!!! Everyone got they're bills annnnnnnd I LOOK ALL OVER the table buuuuuut there is NO BILL FOR ME!!! I'm like, OH, I neverrrrr even got a bill!!! How weird!!! My sis is like, well she probabley just didn't charge you for your drink!!! Im like oh okaaaaay that soooooooo NICE of her!!! I'll just leave her five dollars for a tip then!!! Sooooooooo we're all getting up to leave and one of they guys is like,
 Mary, is THIS your bill???
 I'm like, HUH???? WHERE??? He picks up the bill, which is like literally sitting UNDER MY NOSE, and just kinda resets it in front of me!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like OOooooooooOOOOO!!! We were all laughing sooooo hard!!! Everyone's like, Wow Mary!!! WOW!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!! I honestly have NO IDEA how I missed it!!! Annnnnnnd I really had scanned the WHOLE table over!!! LOL!!! I just stuck my $5 tip into the bill holder...sooooo she got a $2.50 tip instead...LOLOLOL!!! 
Then on the ride back I was seeing which guys could PURRRR annnnnnnd I just REALIZED something??? Did we EVERRRR find out if JOE CAN PURRRR??? Wait, wasn't he like NOT able to or something??? I can't remember....SOMEONE, really needs to give that guy some PURRRRING lessons!! ;)))))
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THEN, we got back to the Raddisson, socialized while waiting on line for like TWO HOURS to get on the elevator!!! THEN, I got back to my room and my sister and I REARANGED ALL THE FURNITURE in the room for my mom!!! LOL YES, that is how my night ended....