Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Conqueror's Conference 2014!!! (Part 1)

We picked jen up from the airport at 8 am...annnnnnd her and I talked pretty much NON-stop till it was time to leave!!! I gave her biscuits and gravy to eat!!! It was her FIRST TIME EVERRR to have them...I kinda feel bad tho... her starting off with MINE...that will be a HARD deal for anyone to try and live up to in the future!!! ;))))
When we were leaving the house, we're walking out to the car and Jen's like, Oh You all park on the sidewalk here or something???
I just showed her my keychain!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Weeeeeeelllll...the trip started off WITH...A Classic Mary Moment!!! We get to the church annnnnd after giving Jen a tour, it suddenly HIT ME!!! Oooooooo NOOOOOOO you guys, I FORGOT MY PURSE!!!! Yes, I mean AS IN THE purse that ACTUALLY had my money, license, debit, Etc... in it!!!! OF COURSE I still had OTHER PURSES PACKED...LOLOLOL!!!
I'm like, OF COURSE, its THE 30-YEAR-OLD that FORGETS her purse!!! I'm like, I can't believe I did this!!!  I can't believe I FORGOT MY PURSE!!! Jen's just like, Really Mary? WHY is this sooooo surprising to you??? I'm like, I know right?!?! Classic Mary Moments...they happen sooooo OFTEN, yet EVERY TIME, they stiiiiiilllll SHOCK ME!!!!
Sooooo yeah I was like freaking out thinkin I would have to try and go home and get my purse, buuuuuut then make everyone late for leaving for conference...buuuuuut then one of my buddies offered to just let me borrow the money from them for the week! Yay!!! Thankful for good friends that are understanding of my MARYNESS!!! Woot! WOOOOOOOT!!!!
Jen was just in AW of the fact that I remembered all my HAIR ACCESSORIES buuuuut FORGOT MY PURSE!!!! heeeeeey you know what, MONEY can be borrowed, there is NOOOOO WAAAAAAAY I coulda borrowed the hair accessories!!! Bahahaha!!!! We gotta remember whats IMPORTANT....I've got my PRIORITES straight!!! Heh, heh!!!! ;))))
Weeeeeeeeeellllll after all that we're off...I can't remember anything to significant happening until we had to go help the Abbotts change a flat tire!!! Sooooooooo YES, we got the preacher there IN TIME to preach the first night!!! IF you got something from the first nights preaching, YOU CAN THANK LPC Youth!!! Weeeeeeelllll...I guess you can really thank the guys... as they INFORMED me that I did NOTHING to  help annnnnd had NOTHING to do with the tires getting changed...WHAEVERRRR...I was an ENCOURAGEMENT... Like GO GUYS!!! Okaaaaaay actually I think I spent most of the time exploring in the travel center...anyway, our guys KNOW HOW to change tires ladies!!! Woooooohoooo!!!!  I was soooooo hoping Bishop would give the youth group a shout out from the pulpit when he preached that night, buuuuuuuuuut alas... it did NOT happen!!!
AnywayZ, I was thrilled with my hair that night...YES I curl it down the FIRST night...cuz its sooooo strait it needs about 24 hours to curl...YES REALLY!!! The pincurls have worked out GREAT for curling my hair and i'm getting waaaaaay better at it!!!
Okaaaaaaaaay it was superrrrr funny cuz one of the first people I see at conference is SERGIO!!! Sergio juuuuuust GOTTA know him to understand...he's superrrr funnnnny, crazy, hyper, hilarious guy!!!! He's SINGLE LADIES!!!! (Heeeeeey Sergio!!! I know your reading this right now!!! Whats UP my lil brotha?!?!?) Anywayz, he sees me at church and is like, HEY MARY!!! You know what Rhymes with Mary??? I'm like, Ummmm...NOOOOO!LOLOL He's like, "Marriage!" I'm like, WHAAAAAAT??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Ummmmm actually, I don't think it rhymes!!!) Then the next night at church I walk in to church he shakes my hand and greets me with, "Hello Bright Beauty!" I was like, WHAAAAAAT did you just call me??? He's all, BRIGHT BEAUTY!!! I'm like, heeeeeey, I kinda like that... just call me BB people!!! If your ever need a good laugh just go hang out with Sergio, he'll make you laugh or make you feel good about yourself!!! Thanks Serg for doing that for us all!!! Your AWESOME and you know someday the right lady will see what an AWESOME person you are too!!!! As they say in AIO when the Barclays go to Hawaii, ROCK ON my brown brother!!!
Then we went to Applebees that night, I was showing everyone my drink and they were like oh it matches your outfit annnnnnd your eyes too!!!! I'm like, OH YEAH, that's the way I roll, I make sure it ALL MATCHES!!! HAHAHA!!!!
On Thursday I wore THE CUTEST OUTFIT EVERRRR!!! I know that sounds conceited buuuuuut...I really liked the way I looked!!! *To God be all the glory for making me sooooo cuuuuuute!!! ;))))
AnywayZ, I had leftover curls from the night before, sooooo instead OF PUtting it up, I pulled it to the side in a ponytail...added a pink bow...and VOILA...I looked...
I said it was my Apostolic Cheerleading outfit!!!! Like, you know all cutesy and varsity looking...instead of a short pleated skirt a loooooooong pleated skirt...yeah...I just LOOOOOVED my outfit!!! When we got to the church, pastor asked me jokingly WHAT the M stood for??? Without EVEN hesitating, I said, MARRIAGE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He just busted up laughing and walked away shaking his head!!! Heeeeeeey, I just wanted to make sure he had SOMETHING to pray about during prayer that morning!!! Heh, heh!!! ;)
Oh yeah at breakfast that morning Sam and Denae and I were joking around about something and somehow we came up with, Mary's Marriage Bible!!! (The M&M Bible)
♥The Marriage Bible♥

Marriage RHYMES with MARY!!! I'm here to give advice IF anyone needs it!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Then it was soooooooooo AWESOME!!! I got to FINALLY MEET Allana Schreckhise!!! We've been friends for like, EVERRRR it seems buuuut I had never actually met her in person! She is super cute and has a really fun personality! She came to our room that afternoon, we all had a blast together just laughing, talking about GUYS and just goofing off!!! I told her later on that every time I saw a little kid I just assumed, Oooooh THAT MUST be a SHRECKHISE!!! BAHAHA!!!
That night was the lock-in...NOT even gonna was quite BORING!!! We're being waaaaaaay more animated in this pic below than we were in REAL LIFE...TRUST ME!!!
I just realized that this FIRST post about CC is MOSTLY selfies of MYSELF!!! buuuuuuut heeeeey what can I say, We call it Classic MARY Moments for a REASON!!! :))))
(Part 2 coming!)
 ♥Mary Frances :)