Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Conquerors Conference 2014 Preaching!!!!

I wanted to take a moment and do a separate blog post from the post I will be doing about Conqueror's Conference!!! The preaching this year was ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING!!! Its amazing to me to think that God would take a WHOLE conference and tailor fit it to EXACTLEY what I was needing to hear at that moment!!! Isn't God just sooooooooo GOOD to spoil us like that??? Without the minister's talking about it amongst themselves, each and every message followed the preceding message before it. It started out really simple and basic and got deeper and deeper with each message but still in the SAME theme. It was truly AWESOME!!!
The first message was Defining Moments by Bro. Abbott, talking about going through just drifting through life to those defining moments that change you so that God can use you. During alter call they had Bro. Garrett sing, "When God unfolds The Rose" which was a perfect alter call song for that message annnnnnd I LOOOOOOVE that song!!!
The next morning Bro. Starr preached a message called, Hidden Amongst The Stuff. This message was about how King Saul was found amongst the stuff and how he was a nobody but God found him and anointed him. But because he NEVER let go of THE STUFF in his life, despite the anointing he died away from God. There is "STUFF" that we've get to let go of and clear OUT of our lives so that we can be used of God the way he wants us to be!!!
That night Bro. Connor preached a message called, "We Need A 21st Century Esther And Samuel" I want to be what he talks about in this message. I want to be, "A good, Godly woman of conviction and prayer!" I want to be bound by righteousness! I want a heart that's desire is to be pleasing to the king! A Heart that says, "Here Am I Lord!"
Friday morning Bro. Starr preached a message called, "A Sundae is NOT a Sundae without a Cherry on top!" this message in of itself was definitely the one that spoke to me the most. Not that the other's didn't speak to me, its just that this message was RIGHT where I'm at and also it answered my prayer's to LITERALLY the things that I was asking God to confirm to me that morning in pre-service prayer...I really don't even have to words to summarize this message...soooo JUST LISTEN TO IT!!! Buuuuuuut really, how did he get ALL THAT, from a CHERRY??? Its sooooo AWESOME!!!!!
Friday night Bro. Garrett preached a message called, "From Promise To Insignificance." It was obvious from the very beginning that he came with a very heavy burden on his heart. He talked about about how our fellowship impacts our lives and how God uses us. It was pretty amazing how this message all came from one scripture,"The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar." (Genesis: 19:23)  I had ABSOLUTELY noooo clue where he was going with that scripture...He talked about how Lot had the promise an blessings on his life but because of the fellowship he chose, his life ended in insignificance. And altho we don't that he turned his heart away from God, his life never amounted to anything, it was insignificant, ALL because of the FELLOWSHIP he chose to have!!!
I would say that there was a definite theme of, Answering the Call of God, being used of God, the anointing of God!!! Take the time to listen to each of these messages! All you got to do is click on the message titles below!!! TRUST ME, listening to them live is WAAAAAAAY better than my LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME lil summaries!!! LOL
Defining Moments (Bro. Abbott)
Hidden Amongst The Stuff (Bro. Starr)
We need A 21st century Esther and Samuel Part 1,
 Part  2 HERE!!! (Bro. Connor)
A Sundae is NOT a Sundae without the cherry on top (Bro. Starr)
From Promise To Insignificance (Bro. Garrett)
♥Mary Frances :)