Thursday, March 6, 2014

The best stories...

Leave you in suspense!!!! Have you ever realized that? You just dont know whats going to happen next buuuut the story is so good you just have to keep turning the pages and Reading and reading and reading and reading... You just can't stop reading because the story is SO GOOD!!! You dont skip anything because if you do you may miss out on an important part leading up to that grand and final point. You know those stories that are just kinda mundane, average, cookie cutter, you can just kind of skip around or sometimes even skip to the ending to see what happens...because basically you already know what is going t happen before you even finish reading the story...buuuuuut NOT in a REALLY GOOD STORY...
In a good story you MUST READ EVERYTHING...buuuuut YOU WANT to read it, because you are enthralled and captivated by the words that are written! Think about it, its TRUE, the best stories ALWAYS leave you in suspense as you wait to see what happens. I realized something the other day...
 God must be writing me,
 Because I am in such SUSPENSE as I wait to see what happens next. Its like, God gave me this promise for a husband...that alone was such an amazing writing ...yet, there are days when I think, I just have NO IDEA what is going to happen NEXT in my story, buuuuuuuut its such a good story thus far....I WONDER what God is going to write after this page??? I wonder HOW its going to happen? I wonder WHO its going to be??? I wonder WHEN??? Will I be surprised??? Have already met him??? Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I'm in such suspense!!! Yet in my suspense, I NEVER just stop reading the story that God is writing me...Everyday...I gotta get up and see what the good Lord writes that day in my story!!!
What if a character in a story decided to jump OUT of the story, take the pen from the writer and start writing THEIR OWN story? That's absurd you say? How can a character do that when they wouldn't even EXIST in the first place if the Author hadn't thought them up??? Exactly!!! So WHY do we, try to write a better story for our own selves then the one that brought us into existence??? Just let The Writer...WRITE! Just wait and see what he is going to do NEXT with your life!!!
We gotta pray, God let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was YOUR PEN, that wrote my story!!! Even though I have soooo many questions and I'm dying to see what happens, I'm not going to be impatient and try and skip to the important parts Because its too awesome of a story to miss out on anything! Just remember, if your in suspense, GOOD!!! because the best stories ALWAYS leave the reader hanging! However, we can take comfort in knowing that THE AUTHOR already knows the ending and every little line in between!!!
♥Mary Frances :)