Sunday, October 19, 2014


Sooooooo it was an ABSOLUTE MIRACLE that she actually went through with it!!!
She was indecisive and crying for like 45 min before hand!!!!
FINALLY she let pastor actually carry her over to the baptismal tank...
We all thought, OK now she is in, sitting in the water its going to be over BUUUUT NOOOOO!!! I think Pastor said As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ I know baptize you...LIKE AT LEAST TEN TIMES LAST NIGHT!!! BAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuut then as soon as it was time to go under she would stop him from putting her under the water!!!
They were trying to talk with her, reason with her, buuuuuut when MJ freaks out there is pretty much NO REASONING WITH HER!!! lol Pasor told her it was fine if she wasn't ready she could do it another time!
BUUUUUUUUUUUT the problem was, THAT, even tho she wouldn't let pastor put her UNDER the water, she also WOULD NOT GET OUT OF THE WATER!!! Flat out REFUSED!!! LOL
So everyone pretty much walked out and MJ is just sitting there in the tank!!!!Then Bishop wheeled himself over and was talking to her about how it's ok to be scared, there are even adults that are sometimes scared to be baptized! She really started to calm down when he was talking to her.
Then I was like, Mary Jo, remember how many times we would play baptism in the pool and I would baptize you for pretend and you would come up laughing? Well it's gonna be jus lke that except this time it will be FOR REAL!!! AND this time ALL your SIN is going to be washed away!
Then I was like, ok let's practice holding your nose and we practiced that together for a little while then she said she was ready and someone ran and got pastor AND...
 SHE DID IT!!!!!
Omw I was soooooo HAPPPPYYYY!!!!!
Oh and then you know me, I get all crazy when i'm EXCITED!!! I was like whooping and hollering and when MJ came up outta the water, I was like, YOUR SINS ARE ALL GONE NOW!!!! Annnnnd she jus gave me THE DIRTIEST MJ GLARE EVERRRRRR!!!! Lol
I was like, YEAH!!! That's MY NIECE right there GLARING AT ME ANNNNND I LOOOOOVE HER!!!! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
 Ashlee was SOOOOO happy when MJ finally went under the water that she burst into tears!!! Here they are hugging and crying together!!! Ashlee was also right there with her crying and praying with her last week when she got the Holy Ghost!!!
Mj with her Grandparents!!!
Yes, MY DAD even came to church to see her get baptized!!! At one point, when MJ wouldn't get in the tank, Bishop was like, Its OK if you don't get baptized tonight Mary Jo, we'll just do it ANOTHER TIME and THEN we'll get your grandpa in another church service!!! Everyone started laughing...but my dad's was a nervous laugh!!! HAHA!!!
Then she told her mom afterwards that her legs are soooooo white now and she knows it's cuz all those sins are gone!!!! Lol ( in that case, I'm sooooo SAVED!!! BAHA)
  When I think about where God brought her from to THIS very moment, it is sooooooooo AMAZING!!!! All because MY SISTER refused to give up on letting her stay in that MAD HOME!!! Because of that My niece is going to heaven now you guys!!!!! She was bound to a life nothingness on her way to hell, without a hope, without a reason to live, buuuuuuuuuut now her life has been REDIRECTED!!! Now she is ON HER WAY TO HEAVEN, DREAMING OF BEING A PASTOR'S WIFE!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)