Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 3 of THE BAY! (Hanna's Graduation Party!)

 Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay after another break, ITS time to finish up my trip to the bay in May!!! Soooooooooo day 3 started off with me making Biscuits and gravy!
Weeeeeellll First we headed out to target to buy all the ingredients annnnnnnnnnnd would you believe that, GROCERY STORES IN THE BAY CHARGE YOU FOR PLASTIC BAGS???? The cashier had asked me if I wanted my groceries bagged? I was like, Uh yeah!! I'm thinking in mind, OK that was stupid of them to ask!! Hanna was like, oh here in California its 10cents a bag!!! I was like, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!? NEVER MIND THEN!!!
Here are my two pans of Gravy...I pretty much have the recipe memorized now!!! The pan in the back was especially made for Hanna...We call hers THE ETHIOPIAN version!!! She likes it REALLY SPICY...even Anali doesn 't like it as spicy as her!!!
Sooooooooo it was my biscuits and gravy that totally won over Hanna's Grandma!!!  Like, I don't know what she really thought of me before that, BUUUUUUUT after she came out of her room that morning and smelled it, she said, Oh it smells so good and yeah after that ME AND HER WERE TIGHT!!! It was pretty much LOVE at first bite!!! I mean, it was A LITTLE hard trying to woo her over COMPETING WITH BRO. JEREMY CHARMING HER, buuuuuuuuuut THE GRAVY WORKED!!! Heh, heh!!! She's no longer just, Hanna's Grandma, NOW she's MY CHOCOLATE GRANDMA!!!
Anywayz, I have to be HONEST, the biscuits were NOT made by ME!!! They were frozen Pilsbury rolls!!! I stil have NOT accomplished biscuit making sooooooooo if anyone wants to help me out I would be MUCH APPRECIATED in that area!!! Buuuuuuuuut yeah, everyone LOVED breakfast that morning!!! Wooooot, WOOOOOT!!! You know, what makes happy, FEEDING PEOPLE and hearing them say HOW GOOD IT IS!!! (Yes, really people, I brought one of my aprons with me to the must ALWAYS be prepared to do what they do best!!!;)
After breakfast we all hung out in the Kifle's living room...Me and this lil girl were playing CANDY LAND...buuuut I can't remember her name!
Me and Cassy!!!
No idea WHAT I'm laughing about here...the guys were probabley doing something!!! LOL
Now heading with Jen Conell over to Hanna's party at the park!!! She caught me doing the praise raise to her gospel!!! Oh YEAH!!! LOL
NOW here we are at the partaaaaaaaaaay!!! Anali did ALL the decorations and she did a really good job too!!!
This was her graduation gift to Hanna!!!
This table had all the party favors on it...HAPPY PILLS!!! LOL
Heres the men busy working and grilling the yummy food!!!
Sis. Kifle setting stuff up!!!
Taking pics with people now me and Kendra Thaler...she is pregos, can't wait to meet her lil Simon that is like a month away!!!
Got to hang out some with Emily from Attwater!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd I finally got to meet miss Carisa from Bro. Rushings church...Look at how long her hair is!!!! I wish my hair was that long!!!
After eating some yummy food I left with Jen to take Kendra to the airport! One the way back me and Jen had a heart to heart!!! *Tear! Haha!!! Me and Jen don't get to talk to often but when we do its usually FOR HOURS!!!! LOL Anything from THE CALL of God and SOULS to weeeeeeellll you know, TO WHAT US GIRLS ALWAYS GET TOO!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Just hanging out with the girls!!!

I was soooooooooo EXCITED cuz I FINALLY got go try this cake that is like famously talked about with Hanna....Some bakery in San Francisco I think!!! It was sooooooooooo GOOOOOOD!!!
Then AFTER the graduation party, what do you think we all did??? Yes, that's right, we headed to The Kifle's for what??? THE AFTER PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Woot, woot!!!
More hanging out annnnnd OF COURSE EATING!!! ETHIOPIAN FOOD!!!! I seriously loooooooooove that stuff!!! And the best part is that you eat it with YOUR HANDS!!!
All the Ethiopian woman hanging out...I think this was the kissing zone...I realized that Ethiopians greet you with more kisses than Italians even do!!! Its pretty awesome!!! Like, being Italian, I think I've kissed MORE long distance male men that are "relatives" than ANYONE, buuuuut yeah I think i'm outdone by far with the Ethiopian greetings!!! LOL I think Mesgana was doing his best to dodge ANY MORE KISSES!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Meanwhile, the young people were in the kitchen goofing off and messing with Hanna's iPad!!! We got this really FUNNNNY picture with Coco BITING OFF Hanna's head...buuuuuuuut IDK...I think maybe we shoulda done the pic the OTHER WAY AROUND!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Juuuuuuuuuuuuust KIDDDDDDING HANNA!!! Jk! JK!!!
After we FINALLY ended our night of PARTAAAAAAYING...Me and Hanna had our own little party on the couches of the Kifle's living room...Having a HEART TO HEART partaaaaaaaaaaaay till we drifted off to sleep!!! Awwwwwwwwww good times!!!
Buuuuuuuuut TOMORROW was even BETTERRRR!!!
♥Mary Frances :)