Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cat meat!!!!

Soooooooooo one of MJ's teachers from her school was telling me about them teasing her about eating food from Fedricos...you know the ghetto-open-24hrs-drive-thru Mexican resturaunt...I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT PLACE...best quesadillas EVERRR!!! Anywayz, so her teacher said she was teasing her about eating there!
She was joking with her that their food there is made out of cat meat! She MJ was like NO ITS NOT!! And she was like, oh yeah it IS!!! And of course MJ was like, NOOOO! And her teacher was like, oh IT IS!!! And if you keep eating the food it will start turning YOU into a cat! And MJ was like, NO IT WON'T! ANd she said, yes it WILL! Pretty soon you will start meowing!!!
She said that THEN MJ's eyes got ALL big, like she was getting convinced of her teacher's teasing and she says, WELL actually,
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I like DIED laughing!!! Only MY NIECE would be convinced that she may be turning into a cat...DUE TO PURRRRING!!!! AHAHAHA!!! I soooooo LOOOOOOVE IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)