Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Earlisms!!!! #1

I would like to present to you all Earlisms!!! Earl is the elderly man that is hard-of-hearing so I type out all the preaching for him on my lap top! Well, he has a really funny sense of humor and always has these HILARIOUS comments for me...the best part is that he thinks he's WHISPERING these comments to me during the service but since he can't hear himself he is actually blasting them out very loudly!!! Ahahaha!!! Then of course he laughs at his own joke! He ALWAYS does!!! Just like ME! We're kindred spirits!!!
Who knows how much longer he will be here, but I thought that I would start a series of posts with the funny things he says, therefore, I present to you all

Sooooo this was sooooo funny too me when Bro. Earl said this! In front of our church is a BEAUTIFUL fountain!!! It took FOREVERRR for pastor Abbott and the men of our church to get it all together and up and then EVEN longer to get all the wiring connected and to ACTUALLY get the water flowing in the fountain!!!
When it was FINALLY running water we were all so excited about it! Its very beautiful!!! So when I saw Bro. Earl that Sunday morning he says to me, "I see that the fountain is finally running water!" I'm like Oh yes!" Annnnnd he says, "Weeeeellll...
 I'm glad too see the church finally...
paid the water bill!!!"
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Totally cracked me up!!!
♥Mary Frances :)