Friday, March 13, 2015

Tour my room!!!

Soooooooooo I had a VERY SUCCESFUL Spring Break!!! I've been off this whole past week and I got A LOT DONE!!! My main goal was to get my room decorated, cleaned out and organized, I did ALL that PLUS I cleaned out the back of our hall closet/cabinets, ANNNND I still got done ALL my regular household chores!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
Oh annnnd an update on my cleaning status of my room...its BEEN CLEAN since the end of December now...Since I cleaned it for Angel and Marissa...I've been picking up after myself everyday ANNNND I make my bed EVERYDAY annnnnnnd every week I vaccume and dust my room...I LOOOOVE MY ROOM!!!The way my room looks right now is literally my DREAM BEDROOM!!! At 31...I've FINALLY ACHIEVED IT!!!  Seriously, I am SOOOOOO PLEASED with out the decorations came out!!! ANNNNND there is a definite theme to my room!!! the theme is simply...MARY!!!! Alll things MARYISH!!! Can you all think of any better theme for ME??? I think NOT!!! Hee, hee!!! :))))
Sooooooooooo NOW it's time for you all to TOUR MY ROOM!!! My newly decorated room!!!
This is my dresser!!!! Soooooo much cuteness on it!!! Annnnnd I finally got this AWESOME picture collage thing from Hobby Lobby hung up!!! I put all pics of my family in it!!!! Btw: Guess where I got my dresser from??? YUP, THE TRASH!!! Hee, hee!!! I was babysitting one time, these rich kids in Scottsdale, and it was the bulk pick up time and I saw this dresser on the side of the road for the trash to pick up!!! I pulled over with those rich kids in my mini van is what I had at the time, and I HAULED this dresser into my van...YES, ALL BY MYSELF!!! The boys were like, why are you taking trash??? I'm like, cuz I need a dresser and that one would go perfect in my room!!! They just stared!! I'm NOT your typical babysitter!!! ;))))
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd this is the collage of pictures and things that I made above my bed...

When I first started it was looking pretty special, buuuut the more I added stuff the awesomerrrr it got!!! I have stuff from all over up there!!! Pics from New York, Our cruise, Hawaii, Bible scriptures, cute sayings, funny sayings, friends, MJ, My chocolate people, Heart-shaped sunglasses... its all things that represent ME!!!!
Sooooo I wanted to hang up more random pics above my bed buuuut when I began to check out the prices of picture was ATTROCIOUS!!! Did you guys know that they're like $6.99 for ONE frame??? Annnnd those were the CHEAP ones!!! Soooooo I thought why not use decorative clothes pins to hang the pictures from??? the results were FABULOUS!!!
Some more sayings on my pics are, "Love like crazy", "Always Wear Cute Pajamas, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams", "Jesus loves me", "ADORKABLE," "Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard!"
My bed!!!
Book shelf one...this holds all my "Serious" books, studying books, photo albums and OF COURSE a ton of Mary decorations!!!
This is my other bookshelf, it holds all my fictional books annnnnd a bunch of nick-nacks and STUFFED ANIMALS!!! I LOOOOVE CUTESY THINGS!!!
On the sides I usually hang up pics that kids have colored or drawn for me, cartoons, or epic cards
This side of the wall  I have all my purses and scarves hung up...I decided that since accessories are such a BIG PART OF ME...I may as well find away to store them annnnd use them as a decoration!!!
This is the view of my room from our hallway...don't worry, I have a blind that goes down, I just like to keep it up during the day to let the sunshine in...My mom was VERY CONCERNED that my curtains were so see through!!! AHAHAHA!!!
I looooooove this picture!!! It says, Our God is Mighty to Save! Given to me by my pastor's wife, Sis. Abbott last year for my birthday!!!
This this faith picture is sitting on top of my other bookshelf!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd of course, here is my vanity...weeeelll what I turned into my vanity...its really an old desk from a church yard sale, with a folding chair, buuuuut heeeey its all good and works for now!!!!
See all my hair accessories??? Awwwww I love them SO!!! Can you guys tell what my favorite color is??? YES, PINK!!! HOT PINK!!! I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! I remember this one time when I was in my early 20's, I was trying to be all super mature and I was picking out a new Bible Case for my Bible and I told my sis I was going to buy this brown one and my sister was like, BROWN??? For YOU??? I was like, weeeeellll...I'm an adult now, I have responsibilities, I need to be grown-upish!!!!
 My sister was like, MARY, Elder Sis. Abbott has a bright pink Bible case, do you really think you are MORE grown up than her??? I was like, TRUE!!! OKAAAAAAAAY HOT PINK BIBLE CASE!!! annnnnd you know what...I don't care how old I get, ya all can buy me a HOT PINK CASKET when I die...I still love toys, dolls and stuffed animals and have them all over decorating my room...THIS IS ME!!! :))))
Annnnnnnnnnnd that my friends was the tour of my room!!!
Now its just waiting for ALL you out of state friends to come visit me!!! Hanna...its SPECIFIALLY been calling YOUR NAME...I'm jus sayin!!!
♥Mary Frances :)