Monday, April 6, 2015

Earlisms #2!!!

As I told you all HERE that I was going to start posting EARLISMS!!! All the funny things that Bro. Earl says, the elderly, hard-of-hearing man that I type the preaching messages for. Yesterdays comment has GOT to be my favorite thus far!!! You'll understand AS SOON as you read it, WHY its my favorite!!! Now let me remind you all that he can hardly hear sooooo EVERYTHING Bro. Earl says is VERY LOUD!!!
Sooooo we had an Easter morning breakfast at our church before the service yesterday. Well my brother Abie was helping him get his food. So after he had gotten him his plate he asked him what he wanted to drink, Coffee or orange juice? So Bro. Earl says, Coffee. So then Abe says, do you want sugar or creamer in your coffee? So he says, NO, I'll just take it BLACK!!! I like it BLACK!!! Then he turns to my brother and says with a chuckle in a very loud Bro. Earl way, because...
Me too Brotha!!! ME TOO!!!! *Side note- about 85% of our visitors yesterday were black, which only made it even AWESOMERRRR!!!!  Duuuuuuude!!!  SERIOUSLEY, he ain't chocolate buuuuut me and Bro. Earl are like, sooooooooooooo KINDRED SPIRITS!!! It was definitely a God thing that the two of us were put together!! I SOOO LOVE THIS MAN! ♥♥♥
♥Mary Frances :)