Saturday, May 16, 2015

Congrats to Mustafa!!!

I had the opportunity to go to one of the, NOW young men, but of the African kids that I've been bringing to church for the last 8 years...he was 11 when he first started coming, got the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name!! Yesturday he graduated from COLLEGE!!! Sooooo WEIRD!!! I know I should feel OLD, buuuuuuut I DON'T!!! LOL 
While we waited through all the jillions of speeches, I filled out my card for Mustafa...I had to cross out the happy birthday part and write in Graduation, Stultz was like, REALLY??? I'm like, its ALL I HAD!!! Besides, its ok, He's African, HE UNDERSTANDS!!! Hee, hee!!!
I actually thought this speaker was kind of cool, ONLY CUZ, she actually mentioned SELFIES in her speech!!! Then she proceeded to turn around backwards and take a selfie with the whole graduating class!!! I tried t get in it but it was hard to do from the balcony! Hee, hee!!!
Annnnnnnd I will say that Sutltz got some AMAZING pics with his Android...I'll give him and his ANDROID some points for that!!!!
When they called Mustafa's name I screamed SOOOOOO LOUD!!!
AHAHAHA!!! Even from the balcony He heard me just FINE!!!
 Who needs microphones, megaphones, or air horns,
 Afterwards, we braved through the crowd to find him!!!
I told him when I saw him, that when I saw Sis. Abbott on Wednesday and told here that he was graduating she said, OH, he PROMISED ME that he was going to start coming to church as soon as he was done with college!!! He was like, OH she remembered that??? I'm like, YES SHE DID!!! He's like, Oh, I'm going too!!! I'm like YOU BETTER!!! Otherwise Sis. A is gonna hunt you down!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
We're all soooooo proud of you Mustafa!!! You've excelled greatly!!! Not only were you one of the first in your family to graduate from high school, BUT NOW COLLEGE!!!
Mustafa has grown up in a single parent home. Taking on the responsibility of a male figure to his two younger brothers for as long as I can remember. He was never one of the wild kids and was always helping to yell at the ones that were! He has ALWAYS been one of my mom's FAVORITES!!!
 You know what an HONOR that is Mustafa??? Ain't just anyone MY MOMMA'S favorite!!! Keep up the good work!!! Remember that there is NO GREATER accomplishment in life, than to be a MAN OF GOD!!! Look towards Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!!!
♥Mary Frances :)