Saturday, May 16, 2015

Peach UNfestival!!!

Sooooooo I've always heard that this farm in AZ, Schnepf's Farm, has a peach festival in spring every year! I have always wanted to go buuuuuut every year I miss it, due to the fact that weeeeeeellll its NOT like I really think about anything going on in the spring!!! We always go to the Pumpkin Harvest festival in the fall but always forget for the peach one! Annnnnnd I had been hearing that they sell peach food EVERYTHING!!! Which is REALLY cool in my world!!!
Sooooooo I convinced some of my friends from church to go! Me, T , Stultz and my lil man Regan were going to go meet the Karlson's and their girls there in Queen Creek! So the first part of the trip was me telling Stultz all the latest on my life, if you all think my life is exciting from this point, just think if you got to hear ALL THE BEHIND THE SCENE JUICINESS OF MY LIFE!!! Buuuuuut there are ONLY a few that are actually blessed enough to hear all this stuff, YOU ALL KNOW WHO  YOU ARE!!! HEH, HEH!!! Anywayz, I was like, I think this hr drive is a review of the 9 hr trip to AMA in New Mexico, this summer, T in the back snoozing and me running my trap to Stultz and him acting like he's listening...AHAHAHAHA!!!
Weeeeeeellll when we're almost there Janelle calls me and says that there is NO Peach festival today and that pancake breakfast was canceled too!!! I was like, WHAAAAAAAT????? Peach pancakes, i'd been DREAMING ABOUT THEM!!! I'm like, HOW CAN THEY JUST CANCEL???? Its like, ON THEIR WEBSITE!!! ANNNNND its an hour drive to Queen Creek!!!! Of course there is NO customer service number on there but I guess that's to be expected, after all, its A FARM!!! AHAHA!!!.
(Selfie, with the peach trees behind me!)
Buuuuuuuuut then Janelle called back and said that they were STILL selling all kinds of peach baked goods down there, INCLUDING THE PEACH CINNAMON BUNS!!! We were then soooooo excited then because after all, the food was THE MAIN attraction of us all going anyways!!!
When we got there we headed over to the petting which I realized that I have NO DESIRE TO EVER MARRY A FARMER!!! It smelled soooooo bad!!! There are flys EVERYWHERE on the animals annnnnnnnnd I was itching like crazy!!! I dont' really consider myself prissy buuuut I'm NOT huge on animals unless they are extremely clean and they have to PROMISE NOT TO LICK ME!!! I'm sorry but that's just DISGUSTING!!! Anywayz, I DO LOVE STUFFED ANIMALS!!! Hee, hee!!! And cute little puppies and kittens annnnnnnd well you get the point!!!
After washing up from that we then headed over to the Peacocks, they were stretching out their feathers from afar and it was so pretty!!! That's what they do to get a female's attention, I told Stultz he should try that at the next conference, I'td be pretty AWESOME!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Well by the time we got over their they were done and I said that's what they ALSO do when they are scared to scare off the enemy so WHY don't we all try scaring them??? I won't say WHAT ALL WE DID buuuuuuuut...Stultz, Regan and I tried very hard to scare them, buuuuuut in the end the birds ended up scaring me with this ridiculous SQUACK!!! I jumped and screamed sooooo loud!!! Stultz was laughing soooo HARD!!! HA WHATEV!!!
It was then time to CHOW!!!
Peach cinnamon rolls, it filled the WHOLE ENTIRE PLATE!!!
Cinnamon rolls, Peach cobbler, peach pie, peach French toast,
I'm still kind of bummed that we didn't get any peach ice cream, peach PIZZA, peach lemonade annnnnnnd PEACH PANCAKES, buuuuuuuuuuuuut my wallet and all the clothes i'm trying to fit into for this summer THANK shnepfs farm for NOT havin any of those!!!
THEN after we chowed we all decided to go on the train for a tour of the whole entire farm!!!
LOOK at my lil man, isn't he soooooo has MY HEART!!!
The kids were
 sooooooo EXCITED!!!
Meanwhile, us adults were having a total blast too!!! it was just like the old days...You guys remember when we would ALL go to Rawhide and THE WHOLE youth group would get on the train, and we'd hop seats while it was going, scream like it was a wild-crazy ride and then the guys would jump out of the train to show off to us girls, annnnd THEN they would chase the train and jump back on, I don't know HOW MANY CELL PHONES were destroyed while they "tried to WOO us"!!! Anywayz, this was like a milder rerun of those days, except we had kids with us this time annnnnd the WILD part was trying to grab a peach from the tree while we were going through!!! Janelle succeeded buuuut her husband FORBID her to eat it without paying for it, EVEN though it had a worm hole in it!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, it was a BLAST!!! Lotsa laughing!!! I think that's the thing about FRIENDS!!! Life changes, We may not always get to be with each other, or hang out like we used to, BUUUUUT WHEN WE DO, we just pick up where we left off, like nothing had ever happened!!!
After that we headed to this Olive Grove right up this street, there was basically all kinds of ummmm OLIVE OIL...LOL....Buuuuuuut they also served really good food!!! Stultz, like any typical man decided that it was time to eat again, I kinda wanted to...buuuuut was feeling really WEIRD in my stomach...soooo I asked my sis if she just wanted to split with me...
Annnnnnnnnd I got orange juice!!! I don't know why you guys buuuut I have been having this OBSESSION with ORANGE JUICE!!! Like I can't stop drinking it!!! Then I SAW THIS and was like OMW that's sooooooo funky WIERD I gotta try that!!! I love trying WEIRD things like this, an like peach pizza,  buuuuut NOT weird things like nasty fish and sushi and animal guts and that kinda junk!!!
It was superrrrrr GOOOOOOD!!!
(Prickly pear is a cactus here in AZ!)
Then our buzzers went off to get our food, little man was THRILLED when it lit up and started buzzing!!! He was like laughing hysterically!!! It was pretty awesome!!!
Annnnnnnnnd him and Stultz were total buds the WHOLE day,
they just got a long great, it was sooooo CUTE!!!
And he was snatching some of Stultz' chips off his plate, it was superrrr funny!!! I was like, Say Please Stultz!!! he was like, PULEEEEZE!!! Of course Stultz said yes because who can resist the cutest lil boy in the whole entire world???
I told Stultz, you know its QUITE an honor for the Little Man to like you!!! He doesn't JUST LIKE ANYONE YOU KNOW!!! Buuuuuut I also told him not to be surprised if next time he gets snubbed!!! BAHAHA!!! He better have some chips and COKE ready!!! Hee, hee!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd then it was time to go home!!! It was raining and as we drove home I started feeling sicker and sicker!!! I was like, OMW I think I'm gonna throw up!!! Stultz was like, NO! Not till we get home!!! I'm like, don't worry ill go out the window...He's like, Come on Mary you can do it, we're almost to your mom's...I was like, I hope this really ISN'T A REVIEW of the trip to New Mexico...annnnnnnnnnnnnnd....I DID MAKE IT TO MY MOM'S PEOPLE!!! AHAHAHA!! Anywayz, even that didn't take away from the fun!!! It was a great day, even IF it was an UNfestival!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)