Sunday, May 10, 2015

I don't want to be your best friend!!!

Do you remember as a child when you really wanted something that one of your friends had, like maybe a cookie or a piece of candy, if you wanted them to give it to you, you would say, Please!!! Please let me have it! PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE!!! With a cherry on top!!! PULEEEEEEZE!!!! And if they wouldn't given into your begging you pulled out this line, Aw PLEASE! I'll be your BEST FRIEND!!!
Any of you guys remember saying that to someone??? Or maybe you were like ME,  you were the one saying it!!! AHAHAHA!!! Weeeeeellllll I remember this one time as a really little girl, I wanted something from my mom!!
I don't remember what it was, if I wanted her to give me something or if I wanted her to do something OR WHAT, buuuuut I remember her standing there over the wash machine doing laundry and I remember looking up at her like, MOMMY PUEEEEEZE!!! And she was like, just ignoring my plees!!! And sooooo then I pulled that line out!!! I was like, PLEASE MOM!!!  I'll be your BEST FRIEND!!!
Annnnnd when I said that my mom was just like, you know what, I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!!! I'm YOUR MOM and that's what I want to be!!! NOT YOUR BEST FRIEND!!! ( I was like REEEEEAR! like HELLLLLLOOOO do you realize that your talking to the future founder of CLASSICMARYMOMENTS??? And you have THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE HER BEST FRIEND????? AHAHAHAHA!!! Jk! JK!!!) But I'll never FORGET her response to me! It was just, I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!
Annnnnnd ALL my life, my mom has NEVERRRR tried to be that COOL MOM that is best friends with her kids!!! She was JUST MY MOM! She never failed to tell me what she thought or how she felt! She never failed to tell me if she thought my skirt was to short, my shirt to tight, or ANYTHING TO GUADY!!! She's ALWAYS just told me WHATS UP!!!
However, I was recently hanging out with my friends a few months ago, playing, QandA with Mary, and my question was, Who's your best friend? annnnd when it got to me I thought about it for a moment, then without hesitating, I said, It would HAVE TO BE MY MOM!!! I mean, I have others that are Best friends, plus my sis, my niece, buuuuuuuuut ABOVE ALL ELSE,
My sweet, sweet, SWEEET lil Momma!!!
Without ever TRYING to be my best friend, my mom became, MY BEST FRIEND!!! Thank you mom for all that you've done and sacrificed for me to be MY MOM!!! Your love for motherhood has always stood out to me and you instilled in me that same high value for it!!! Thank you for teaching me FAITHFULNESS to the house of God, NO MATTER WHAT!!! Your are simply THE BEST!!! Sooooooooo Happy Mother's day today to NOT ONLY THE best mom in the whole world, BUUUUUT ALSO TO MY BEST FRIEND!!! My sweet caramel momma!!!  I love you! I love you! I love you!!!
Love your lil vanilla baby!!!

♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Did I tell you guys that my mom purrrrrs too???? She's sooooo AWESOME!!!
P.P.S. My mom had me write her testimonial of motherhood. You can read that HERE!!!