Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Airport cRaZiNeSs!!! (Tryin 2 go 2 da bay!)

Okaaaaaay this was the craziest departure experience everrrr!!!! My sis and MJ dropped me off at the airport ... Thanks T!!! (Purrrrrr)
Then the CRAZINESS HAPPENED!!! It started when I got to the kiosk to print my boarding pass!!! I put in all my info and it said; processing please wAit... So I wait and wait and wait and wait after about five minutes I start getting nervous, WHY is it taking so long??? Can it not find my ticket??? So I go to another kiosk... ANNNND PRAISE BE JESUS, it prints!!!!
Soooooo now I go one ft to turn in my luggage annnnnnd lo and be hold my luggage is 11.5 pounds over!!! The lady is like that'll be $100.00! I'm like oh no!!! Let me see what I can do! She's like ok sure! So I start shoving clothes into my back pack!!! It is sooooo stuffed and I just keep shoving! I put it back on the scale and it's still 7 pounds over! I take out more... There's absolutely nooooo more space in my back pack but I figured I Could start tying the sleeves of my shirts to the straps on my back pack! (Benefits of wearing long sleeves peeps... Hee, hee!) So I take out like five more shirts, put my suitcase on and it's STILL FIVE POUNDS OVER!!! AAAAAAUUUUHHH!!!
So I ask the lady if she has a plastic bag I can use, she's like, all I have is a big, huge trash bag! I'm like, ILL TAKE IT!!! She's like, are you sure? You could go upstairs and purchase a carry on for like $20, which us better than $100! So I'm like OH, that's a good Idea... But I look and my stuff is just sprawled out every where! My once neatly folded clothes is destroyed and it's this huge mess annnnnnnd I still have to get rid of 5 more pounds!!!!
Sooooo I'm like, well let me get that trash bag and I'll just figure this suitcase out first then I can carry my trash bag upstairs, buy a carry on! So she looks at me like I'm cray-cray and hands me the trash bag! Then it hits me what was weighing so much, MY SHOES!!! I normally only pack ONE PAIR of church shoes! Cuz they take up a lot if space and I figure hair accessories are waaaaaay more important and they basically weigh NOTHING!!! 
Anywayz, I had decided that for Heritage this year I was gonna be one of those girls that matches all her shoes with her outfits!!! I'll tell you what, this is THE FIRST AND THE LAST CONFERANCE that I'll ever be ONE OF THOSE GIRLS!!! Buuuuuuuut if you happen to see me this year, PLEASE COMPLIMENT ME ON MY SHOES!!! Every. Time. You. See. Me. YES, I said everytime!!!  AHAHAHA!!!
Soooooo I take all my shoes out, throw them in the trash bag, zip up my suitcase, put it back on the scale and THANK GOD, it's 48 pounds!!!! The ladies like, ok! Your good!!! Glory! Glory!
Now the lady is like, ok I need your boarding pass you just printed!!! I go to get it and I'm like, UH...Would you all be shocked if I told you that, I HAD ALREADY LOST MY BOARDING PASS??? Aaaaaaauuuugggghhh!!!
At this point sweat is just pouring like a river off my face!!! So I go to the kiosk, and thankfully it prints one right away! Then I go to pay my baggage fee and they ask for my driver's licsence and I can't find it! I'm like FREAKING OUT!!! You can NOT get on the plane without it! So I tear apart my wallet annnnd it was right there, not to sure WHY I didn't see it!!! Probably cuz I was going cray cray! Lol
I go upstairs, with my bulging back pack on and a trash bag slung over my shoulder!!! Yes, really people!!! I find a luggage store that is in the opposite direction of my gate! The lil Asian cashier sees me with my trash bag and is like, oh ma'am you need luggage?! I'm like, YES!!!! She's like oh let me show you!!! This one here is ONLY  $99! I'm like, uh NO! She's like this one is only $95! I'm like, no I NEED CHEAP!!! I'll just keep my trash bag! She's like, oh maam NOOOO! I have cheaper!!!she brings me to the back and says this one is ONLY $38!!!! I'm like, do you have anything cheaper? She's like no maaam! I'm like ok I'll take it!!! She pulls the red one out, I'm like oh is this one the same price!? And I point to this bright multi colored one! She's like, oh yes ma'am, same price. I'm like ok, I'll take it! 
Sooooo I rush thru security and at this point I'm like sooooo worked up, stressed out, dripping sweat, I'm sure I look horrid, buuuuuut I still got a compliment from the security guard!!! I was like, oooooh THAAAAAANK YOU!! 
Theeeeen I go through you the scanner thing aaaaaannnnnd guess WHO has to get their luggage searched??? Yes, MAR BEAR!!! The lady is like, ma'am you have suspicious items in your carry on! You need to step aside and not touch your luggage until I'm done searching it! I'm just like WOW!!! She's pulling apart my trash bag of shoes that I had just thrown in the carry on she doesn't find it! Then her eyes land on The Ethiopian purse!!! AHA! I had to put it in the carry on, otherwise I had to many carry ons, soooooo she's tearing apart my purse aaaaaaannnnd FINALLY SHE FINDS THE SUSPICIOUS ITEM...are you guys ready for this... Wait, wait, WAIT... Drum roll puleeeeeze... Dunt, Dunt duuuuu... CHANGE!!! I had so much change in my purse it was showing up as just blackness, which was very suspicious... Buuuuut I was free to touch my stuff now! She's like, I'll just let you put everything back in, I dnt want to break your shades or anything! I'm thinkin like, oooooh maaam dnt mess with my heart shaped sunglasses!!!
So I get my carry on, put my back pack on, and sit down a bench to put my sneakers back on annnnnd I kid you not, my back pack is sooooo heavy on my back, it pulls me back and I almost toppled backwards off the bench!!! Annnnnd I'm NOT little so it had to be pretty heavy to actually tug on me like that!!!
Sooooo then I run to my gate, I finally get there, same gate number on my ticket as the gate, buuuut it's saying Fresno! Duuuude I dnt wannA go to to FRESNO!!! So I'm getting all worked up then I hear over the intercom, Anyone going to Oakland, your plane has switched to gate 7!!! I RUN over to that gate!!! I'm finally there and I'm standing there and I tried to take a selfie buuuuut my arm was shaking so bad my picture was so blurry!

Annnnnd you guys, I'm always soooo go-with-the-flo, never stress out, but I was soooo worked up I was actually dizzy and things were gettin a little blurry! I was just like, WOW! 
Buuuuuuut I got on the plane and aside from the AC vent leaking water on us, annnnnd the man in the seat in front of me putting his seat back, you guys I HATE when people do that!!! It's RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE!!! Anywayz, the man across from me thought it was sooooo rude! He was like, dnt let him do that to you! Shove him back up... I'm like weeeeelll, I think he's allowed too... He's like, SO, it's uncomfortable for you!!! I'm like I know, buuuuut... Anywayz, like I told my sis when she asked, yeah he was kinda cute, but the only reason he was ACTUALLY talking and paying attention to me is cuz he was a foreigner!!! Had he been an American he woulda jus blew me off!!! Ahaha!!! Gotta love my fellow Americans, I never realized how rude our people can be until I returned from an over seas trip! Haha
 Anywayz, we made it Oakland annnnd I was greeted with the most beautiful cook breeze!! 
Annnnd the Anali picked me up and we hung out at her house for several hrs! I just talked to her continuos as she worked on her wedding decorations. 
Then it was time for church so Hanna got off work and picked me up and we had a good prayer and worship service. Then Bro. Kifle had us divide up into teams and we did a Bible study workshop and Hanna and were a team! She was the teacher and I was the sinner... I mean student!!! Haha! I was a good student and asked ALOT of GOOOOD questions!!! Heh, heh!!! Funny thing is that I asked the questions and then wanted to answer it! Lol!!!
Then after church we just hung out! Then  we went to This really good pizza place, with REALLY good spicy cilantro sauce and we laughed and talked til they kicked us out!
Then we went next door and got ice cream! Then we laughed and talked til they closed and kicked us out! Then we went to the car and laughed and talked til Hanna said she was TOO TIRED!!! Buuuuut she'd had a long day!!! Annnnnnnnnd now we're home annnnnd I'm too tired to write any more!!! Gnite! Purrrrrrr!!!