Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy birthday!!!

Happppppppppy, HAPPY,
HAPPPPPPPPY BIRRRRRTHDAY today to my little man!!!
I love him so much!!! He has brought even more joy and laughter into my life! He lights up my life and brightens my days!!! Did I ever tell you guys that I never had to teach him how to purrrr??? Every other little kid I have to teach, buuuuuut NOT REGAN!!! I purrrred at him ONCE the first time I watched him and he just automatically purred back at me, like it was THE MOST NORMAL thing in the world!!! And I new right then and there that we were kindred spirits, destined to be together!!! Annnnnnd  yeah, he's just the cutest thing everrrrr!!! #heissooooooocuuuuute!!!  I looooooove him!!! Purrrrrrrrrr!!!
♥Mary Frances :)