Thursday, July 2, 2015

Single and Miserable???

I recently heard a preacher preaching and he was talking to the young ladies about waiting on God for their spouse! And he was telling them, Oh I know that you think that if your not married by a certain age that your going to be SO MISERABLE!!! He said, BUUUUUUT its just better to wait!!!Annnnnnd I just wanted to tell something to all the young ladies out there...
The age I thought I would be married at THE LATEST 26, has come and gone!!! Now here I am, almost 6 years AFTER the time I thought I was supposed to get married, annnnnnnnd I'm STILL SINGLE!!! BUUUUUUUUT...
Yes, I still want to get DUH...I think we've established that!!! ;) Buuuuuuut despite not having what I really, really want, I am still sooooo HAPPY!!! When you've got the joy of the Lord in you, there is NO ROOM FOR MISERY!!! (Besides, "Ain't nobody got time for that!";) Annnnnnd I just wanted to take a moment to tell all you young ladies(Men) that you DO NOT have to be miserable if you don't get married by the time you thought you would!!! Just stay close to Jesus and you'll learn to be HAPPY despite the fact that you don't have everything you want!!!
"Delight thyself also in the Lord..."
  (Psalm 37:4)
♥Mary Frances :)