Friday, August 14, 2015

Uncle Dude and MJ!!!!

So the other day MJ says to me, "you know, Abraham is such a good brother, you know to go pick up my mom when she needed him to! That was really NICE of him!" I'm like, awwww yeah, Abie is really sweet!" He really IS you guys! He's the baby of the family, I call him Abie Baby, his nieces and nephews refer to him as Uncle Dude, and his wife calls him her panda bear...AWWWW!!! Anyways, then MJ says, yeah I think he is REALLY sweet!!! Then she pauses to think about it and says...
I think he must eat A LOT of...
AHAHAHAHA!!! Awwwww isn't that SOOOO CUUUUUTE!?!?!?!?! Then she tells me, yeah, I've been eating A LOT of sweet tarts too you know! Ahahahahahahaha!!! Like as if to let  me know that she is TRYING to get sweet like her Uncle Dude!!! LOL I refrained from telling her that instead of SWEETARTS...
 she may want to try a REFILLING OF
 (And a good spankin always helps...hee, hee!!!;)
♥Mary Frances :) 
P.S. Gummy Sweetarts are THE BEST!!! Like the!!! If you've never had them, GO. TO. THE. STORE.NOW. RIGHT NOW!!! Oh great, NOW I"M thinking about them...its all MJ'S fault!!! LOL Gummmmmies...Here I COME!!!!