Monday, October 19, 2015

Blog round up!!!

Heeeyyyy everyone!!!
I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite blog posts I've read recently! Most of these are from Non-Apostolic bloggers, but very conservative Christian writers!!! Sorry Apostolics, you all haven't been doing to much writing lately...lets get a move on!!!
She Still Calls Me Honey
Have you really considered the lilies???
How To Pick A Best Friend
Stop Avoiding The Annoying People In Your Life!!!
Three Ways To Get The Right Kind Of Man
 (From a Males perspective)
IS "Modest really Hottest?"
 (From a Males perspective)
Is Being a woman MORE than getting married and having babies???
What a girl in a sparkly dress taught me!
When God Forgets To Write Your Love Story!
Why Naughty girls DON'T have MORE FUN!!!
What does it mean to be a girl?
Hope you enjoy these!!! Tell me what you think!!! If you come across a good article or post feel free to send me the link for it!!! I always enjoy some good writing!!!
♥Mary Frances :)