Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Last days in the bay!

One of the cool things about Joe and Anali's wedding was that it started so early, 10 am, that by the time the reception was over, the bride and groom left and the bridal part went back to the church to clean up the wedding, but by the time we were done it was still early evening and so we had the whole rest of the evening to hang out with out of town friends...Well, I'm technically out of town buuuuuut I don't think anyone in the bay area technically considers me a guest anymore!!! HAHA!!!
After the wedding we were all hanging around, just goofing off, talking about the wedding and me telling stories, "hey Remember WHEN..." Anywayz, we decided to go eat at Famous Daves BBQ!!! I got the burnt beef tip sandwhich...MMMMM...that was BOMB!!! Anyways, Me, Jen and Hanna decided to pick out the BBQ sauce that best represented us!!!
Then Jen tried to trick me with a PAPER ROACH that was laid on the table!!! I've seen TOO MANY real ones to be fooled by a PAPER ONE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Soooooooo I decided to joke around with our waiter on the matter!!! When he brought my bill over and asked if everything had gone well, I was like, Ummmmm...ACTUALLY sir, I don't want to be that annoying customer that complains but I found this BUG IN MY FOOD!!! His eyes got wide as I opened my hand to show in the PAPER ROACH and then he just busted up laughing...He had this really weird nervous laugh!!!
 He's like, I would show that to my boss and say customer found this in their food...buuuuuut I don't want to lose my job!!! (Nervous laugh!!! LOL) AHAHAHA!!!
Bro. Kifle's DREAM COME TRUE!!!

He's ALWAYS wanted to take a newly married couple to the airport for their honeymoon...NO CLUE why...But this IS Bro. Kifle we're talking about sooooo...WHO KNOWS!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Here we all are, one last GROUP selfie together at the airport!!! Awwwwwww!!!
Sunday night we all hung out at In and Out!!! But first we walked over with Stultz to Starbucks to get our $2 treat receipt drinks...well Me and Hanna did, I think Stultz got a water...LOL!!! Bro. Jeremy is HILARIOUS and he had us continually laughing the whole night!!! Seriously, he makes a whole NEW LEVEL of FUNNY!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Bad picture of me buuuuuuut it captured a memory of a good night sooooo heeeeey...WHO CARES!!! There was also this suspicious group that Hanna noticed that she thought was doing a drug deal...she kept pointing out everything  they were doing, finally Jeremy was like, Ok Nancy Drew, why don't you go ever there and really find out whats going on...it was pretty epic!!!
Weeeeeeelllll it started out with Hanna and I at STARBUCKS, OF COURSE!!! The guys and the Fosters met us at McDonald's for their REAL FOOD!!! AHAHA!!! And Stultz has to get his OJ...He doesn't NEED coffee cuz he is "Naturally Caffienated!" WHATEVERRRRRR!!!
Then all the guys, Bro. Andrew, Bro. Kifle, Aaron and Stultz, proceeded during breakfast, to have a discussion about weather or not I was Electic or Eccentric???? They finally decided that I was BOTH!!! WOW...LOL...
The other discussion amongst the guys is that if ANYTHING is made to be small or miniature, it AUTOMOATICALLY becomes "SOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE!!!" Also for me if its FLUFFY!!! Fluffy is a big word in my vocabulary! I remember this one time we were playing Balderdash and I wrote this AMAZINGLY awesome fake definition that I thought was going to be my winning point...BUUUUUT everyone guessed it as ME writing it!!! I was like, WHYYYY??? And Stultz says, well it was very believable until part of the description of the exotic flower was FLUFFY!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOOOOOVE THAT WORD!!! And I LOVE fluffy things, they're just, "SOOOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!"
Our group met up with the younger Fosters and went to the Golden Gate Bridge! Everyone had asked me the night before if I had ever gone...I was like, I actually don't know...LOL They're like, how can you NOT know? Either you have or you haven't!! Im like, I don't know, a bridge is just a bridge...not really a HUGE HIGHLIGHT in my life!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What I really like seeing when I visit places is God's natural beauty in creation!!! Waterfalls, the ocean, mountains, flowers, all that kind of stuff!!! I've always wanted to go to Yosetemie Park...anyways, AFTER Natural Beauty is FOOD...I'll get to that in a moment!!!!
 Sooooooooo anyway, here is our whole group with the bridge in the background!!!
Levi, Little Hanna, Sis. Devi, Bro. Andrew, Aaron, Stultz, Bro. Kifle, Chocolate Hanna annnnnnnnnnd yours truly...MAR BEAR!!! :)))
Levi Foster!!! He's sooooooo CUUUUUUUTE!!! He's still holding out STRONG that he does NOT want to be a preacher like his dad!!! Buuuuuuut instead of a basketball player, he now wants to be an FBI Agent...Heeeeey I think that's a little better!!!
Buuuuuuuut Daddy's little girl said that SHE wants to be a preacher, JUST LIKE HER DADDY!!! Awwwwwwwww!!!! So precious!!! Annnnnnnnd HILARIOUS TOO!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
The Girls!!! Glad I got to spend some time with my childhood best friend...actually the first friend I ever had!!! Awwwwww!!!
Me and Hanna...I don't think there's anything else to say...
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd after all that, NOW we get to the REALLY GOOD STUFF!!!
Hanna suggested a place called, Burma Superstar!!!
OMW!!! If any of you all are EVERRRR in San Francisco or the CA bay area, LOOK UP THIS REASTURAUNT!!! Its like SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! I suggest going with a group like we did, its funner and you get to experience MORE FOOD!!!  Hanna was very proud that it was opened the same year she was born...at least that's what I THINK she's pointing too!!! LOL!
Soooooo what we did was we each ordered a different dish and then we put it all in the middle and we all sampled each of the entrees!!! IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUNNNNN!!!! I LOVE this picture of us...it captured such a GOOD-FUN memory...I need to get this pic printed!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd the food was SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!! I can't remember what all we got but I remember that Stultz ordered some kind of spicy lamb...it was SOOOOO GOOD!!! Yes, people, I actually EAT LAMB...after all, ♪MARY DID HAVE A LITTLE LAMB!!!!♫♫  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's soooooooooo HILARIOUSLY MEAN!!!
Oh and the coconut rice...MMMMM...the cinnamon rice....YUMMMMM...OH ANNNNNND Hanna and I got these Iced Chai tea drinks....mmmmmYUMMMMalicious!!!  Oh and then something happened that made the food taste even better...AARON PAID THE BILL!!! Annnnnnd it was a BIG BILL TOO!!! I was like, WOW...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! Purrrr Aaron, PURRRRRRR!!! LOL No really tho, Thank you for your generosity!!! I owe you more PB cookies!!!
After all that, Hanna and I split ways from the boys guys MEN...AHAHAHAHA!!! Annnnnnnd we went to spend time with Hanna's mom!!! Sis. Kifle, my Mocha Mom! We just had a fun afternoon relaxing and talking..She took us to Peets and treated us to drinks....THANK YOU AGAIN SIS. KIFLE!!!! Purrrrrr Mocha Mom...PURRRRRR!!!
THIS above picture is another favorite that I need to get printed!!! LOVE IT!!!
Then we went and walked around Chabot Park...It was so pretty and such beautiful weather to do so!!
Walking! Walking!
Hanna and I were determined to get the perfect pic with the sun shimmering of the lake!!!
 Here is the perfect pic of the sun shimmering off the lake, almost looks like its sparkling off!!!
Just us girls!!! Woman! Ladies! Virtuous-Proverbs-31-Ladies-of-Legacy-Woman-after-God's-own-heart!!! Hee, hee!!! ;))))
I saw this part of the park as we were walking and Thought it was SOOOOO PRETTY!
Hanna said that when they were kids they would come and walk the trail as a family and her brothers would pretend that that part was some sort of secret-passage-hideaway!!! I can totally see how they would think of that!!!
This was funny...Hanna sat down on this bench and her feet couldn't even touch the ground! I was like, HA! Shorty!!! Then I sat down fully expecting my feet to touch the ground...BUUUUUT THEY DID NOT!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Hanna was like, WOW!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaaay I think the bench was high cuz I am NOT SHORT!!! LOL
THEN after that, Hanna was craving Mexican Fruit...I'd never experienced this and felt a little leery of fruit with chili and lime on it! But we found the little Mexican cart and she got the pineapple... annnnnnnnnnd much to my surprise it was SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!! I Loved it...it was like sweet and spicy and tart all at once...MMMMMM!!! Annnnnd she also got a bag of Mexican chips...I'd never had these before but she poured Tapiato sauce all over them and we were eating them from the bag...Mesgana would NOT going anywhere near us with them...He was soooo grossed out!!! Buuuuut we enjoyed it!!!
Vanilla and Chocolate embracing they're CARMEL side!!!
Then it was time to go pray at the church...YES, its still only early evening at this point!!! Here I am taking a pic with the bear painted on the wall at the church in their parking lot...Cuz I'm Mar Bear!!! Then I was like, I hope Bro. Dunahoe isn't lookin out of his trailer right now...He's gonna be like, WOW! This Arizona chic really doesn't get out much!!!
THEN after prayer, we went and got frozen yogurt with our friend Monae!!! Annnnnnd we stayed there chatting it up til they kindly kicked us out cuz they were closed!!!
 Then on Tuesday we drove to Oakley, which is about an hour away, to spend time with JENNNNNNN!!!! It was so funny when we saw Bro. Connell cuz he was all to me, Now I KNOW you have to be Italian from all the hand movements you make when you talk...BUT Ginty is not an Italian last name, it sounds Irish!!! I was like, YES!!! IT IS!!! I'm half Irish and half Italian!!!
Then we went to get coffee...Hanna and I got Dutch Brother drinks, buuuuut Jen doesn't really care for them. So we brought our drinks over to Starbucks! When the Starbucks Barista saw that we had brought in DB drinks, she  jokingly wrote Hanna and I a special note!!! HAHAHA!!!
And here we are doing our devotionals...Coffee and THE WORD....
MMmmmmm. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!! :))))
Then we went and ate Mexican food...I'm trying to remember this funny moment but I can't remember what Hanna said, OH WAIT, I think I remember now! Remember I'm paraphrasing, NOT directly quoting! Sooooo,  Hanna does NOT like cheese unless it is COMPLETELY MELTED! If its not melted she will not eat it!!! Like really, she thinks its GROSS!! So we were saying something to her about not getting cheese on her food, and she's like, I don't like it! So we're like, BUT MOST EVERYONE LIKES CHEESE!!! How can you NOT like it??? Then Hanna's like, yeah well MOST people have TVs but that doesn't mean I'm going to get one!! We were like WOW!!!
After that we headed to the Connell's church for a jam session...this is what musically talented people do for FUNNNN...
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd THEN THERE'S ME...
Heeeeey you know what, we ALL have our own unique, individual talents!!! Some people are talented in MUSIC and SOME OF US are talented in SELF-PHOTOGRAPHY!!!
After that we SKYPED Joe and Anali who were in Quebec Canada
Aon their HONEYMOON!!!
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! Heeeeeey NOT everyone has to be TRADITIONAL...You can be your own self and break the rules!!! Hee, hee!!! Btw tho, Anali HIGHLEY RECCOMENDS Quebec for a Honeymoon destination!!! Something like, its Quaint and cute...lotsa little shops and unique places to eat!
This seems like a tradition of ending our last nights together with cookies and milk!!! YUMMMMMM!!!! I was slightly miffed tho cuz Bro. Kifle said he liked the flat PB cookies better than the FLUFFY ONES!!! Annnnnnd I MADE THE FLUFFY ONES...well technically I made the dough but yeah, I baked the ones that turned out fluffy and Sis. Mary baked the ones that turned out flat!!!
Hey doesn't he look like that one black puppet some famous ventriloquist???
Minus the fro and with glasses!!! Don't you think???
ACTUALLY what was really happening in that pic was ME, randomly, in the middle of the three of us having a conversation on servant hood, I bust out with, OMW!!! YOU TALK WITH YOUR TEETH SHUT!!! They're like, Mary, how in the world did you come to this in the middle of a completely different convo?! ME: Very easily, from seeing your teeth shut!!! LOL Seriously, watch Bro. Kifle at WCC you guys, he sometimes will literally talk to you with his teeth shut...its soooooo weird and VERY HARD for ME to do!!! Anywayz, I came to the conclusion that he should seriously consider becoming a ventriloquist!!! Being able to talk with your teeth shut is like the first step to ventriloquism and if he does that naturally, now all he needs to do is learn how to throw his voice...you know how fun that would be to trick people with!!! AHAHAHA!!! Anywayz, in my personal, not so humble opinion, I thing It would be a great asset to kids ministry...Jus sayin...OH and he could get that above puppet and they could be like Father and son team!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay this is becoming the post that never ends...buuuuuuut THIS IS THE END...It was a great trip and NOW I'm almost all caught up with my travels...All I got to do is blog about Tommy and Kelsy's wedding!!! Then I'm caught up till WEST COAST!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)