Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wedding trip!!!

Going thru security in Phoenix, my cookie dough made it through!!! 
Love the fact that people were sincerly complimenting me on my hair! Favorite compliment was the Filipino guy that said my hair looked like a beautiful, colorful flower!!!! AHAHAHA!!!!
Soooooooo on the airplane ride over to Oakland I was sitting next to these two body builder dudes that totally thought they were all that and a bag of chips...THEY WERE NOT EVEN!!! I tried to be friendly to them And they were totally snooty to me...I was like AS IF!!! They're just talking to each other like, YEAH MAN, On Monday I tore up the gym in 9 minutes!!! Then all of the sudden there was turbulence on the plane and all of the sudden they're talking to me like we're all besties!!! You shoulda heard them! It went from, "I tore up the gym in 9 minutes to! What is this? What's going on? Whats happening?" SUCH BABIES!!! I was actually kinda enjoying the turbulence...change things up a little I had been getting bored!!! LOL
Once Hanna picked me up in Oakland, the partying began... We'll basically us trying to decide what to eat... Debating if we should dig in to the yummy Mexican food we saw Sis. Mary had cooked...we finally decided we better not... What if she was giving it to someone?!?! Turns out she said it woulda been fine!!! Of course!!! Lol 
Funny moment of the night was the guy at the drive thru when Hanna asked him what time Walmart closed at he says, 12... You'll probably....... Long pause.......NOT make it!!! We were laughing so hard, cuz he had totally sounded like he was going to say we'd make it!!!
Then we get there 5 til 12 and the guy at the door says we can't go in. Hanna pility asks him if we can just run and get something? He asks what? She says jus a few food items! He says no! I mean, if it were just like tissue or something like that! We're like WOW!!! We chose not argue the fact that we technically still had  five minutes!
My wedding outfit hanging up in the States guest room!!! So GREATFUL to the States for always hosting me... My home away from home!!!
Hanna and I OF COURSE got Starbucks first thing in the morning before we got the ingredients for biscuits and gravy. 
On our way to Fresno for the wedding!
When we were leaving the State's in the morning Sis. Mary said, oh it's The Kifle's and their two associates! Abel says, no it's actually Hanna and ALL her associates!!!! Lol
Entertaining everyone with excerpts from my teenage diary!!! We laughing sooooooo hard!!!!
We made a pit stop at Starbucks before the wedding!!!! This rather strange man starts talking to Jen about how the Holy Ghost told him we were all going to a wedding!!! Jen's okaaaaaayyy... Turns out "the Holy Ghost" was Abel! Aparently the man had asked him before while they were in line what we were doing! So that's what was the joke the rest of the trip there... Anything Abel said we joked that the spirit was speaking!!! AHAHAHA!!! Abel said he liked my cookies, I was like, ooooh "The Holy Ghost" likes my cookies.... HEEEEEYYY!!!!
And here they are getting married!!!
Husband and Wifey!!!
Funny moment right before it was time to kiss, instead of saying you may now kiss the bride, instead he says, do you ever wonder what the couple is whispering to each other when they're lighting the candles and such!!???!?!?? ! I was like, YES!!! Omw!!! YES!!! I'm so glad to that I'm NOT the only one that wonders this and not only are there other wonderers, ITS ALSO A MINISTER!!! Yaaaay!!! Kind like how I felt when Bro. Lacour admitted in his Bible college Evsngelism class...yes, i remember from that long ago...that he loves gummy vitamins!!!! I was like, YES!!! I'm not the only one... AND ITS Bro. Lacour too!!! I've actually asked Nurse Hanna if you can overdose on them... She said no...it's just like drinking a lot of orange juice... Which only effects your stomach and digestive system.... Anywayz, I said all that to say, YES, I wonder what the couples are whispering!!! LOL!!!
Bro. Hopkins officially making Marissa an Arizonan!!!!! YAAAAAAYYY!!!!
On the drive back to the bay I asked everyone in our vehicle what they're favorite part of the ceromony was and we all agreed that it was when Bro. Sailor had them hold they're hands and say together the scriptures from Ruth, "Where thou goest I will go..."
Also I thought I was so meaningful how Bro. Sailor talked about how he had prayed for them in each stage of their relationship and how hard it was for him to let her go! That just goes to show what a good girl Marissa is!!!!
At the reception... Hanging out with old friends!!!! 
Some of these girls I hadn't seen in years!!!!!

The candy table!!!

My duty as THE CANDY GIRL!!! 

I felt so important cuz my name was even on the paper thingy as "The Candy Table Attendent" I was like heeeeeeyyy!!!  I felt kind of bad telling people that they had to wait to get candy... ESPECIALLY the kids!!!! Buuuut I guess I did good cuz then Carissa asked me to be her Candy table Attendent too!!!

Marissa Hopkins!!!

Doing our pose! 

Bro. And Sis. Hopkins!!! These two are going to be a dynamo couple and going to do great things together for the kingdom of God! So glad I got to share in their beginnings!!!
Me and the beautiful, adorable Mrs. Marla Nieves!!!!
Me and Emily!  She  won my cookies!!!
Me and Miss Mallory!!!

Me and Miss Angel!!!
We all went to this really good ice cream place later on...here are all of us girls!!!
All the guys...LOL...don't know why i'm laughing but they're pic makes me laugh!!! LOL
Our WHOLE GROUP!!! I love how we pretty much all look bad in the pic but we all wanted the pic just for memories sake and the fact that we were all having fun together!!!
Special shout out to Taheera...So glad to have gotten better aquainted with her! She's so nice and cool and I LOVE HER NAME!!! I'm putting that list on the list of names for my future daughters!!!
Our group got back to the States at around tenish
Hanna warmed up the Mexican food for us...it was SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!! I think it was something like, Chili verde...buuuut Idk if that's right...LOL!!!
Then I baked the cookie dough I had brought over...sooooo I have like THE BOMB chocolate chip cookie recipe!!!
Stultz rated them for me...
That's THE HIGHEST RATING I have EVERRRRR gotten from him!!!
Brotherly cookie love...Bro, Kifle forbidded Hanna to post this pic on their blog...GOOD THING I'M NOT HANNA...HEEEEEYYY!!! :)))))
Sunday morning, after Starbucks, we had some GOOOOOD CHURCH in Berkley!!!! Bro. Dunahoe, the evangelist,  preached a really good message...Ooooh I'll post my notes!!!  He preached about..
 "The Things That God's looking for"
1. The lost- humanity
2. Faith
3. Someone that is willing to stand in the gap. To annoint, in the ministry, prayer warriors, wiling vessels basically.
4. Faithfulness, people that are in it for the long haul. 
5. Worshippers
6. Someone who's looking for him
We had a great alter call afterwards, then after that good fellowship and good food!!! We then headed over to the San Lorenzo church to use their baptistery to baptize this sister...
She was speaking in tongues before she even went under the water and when she came up she had the biggest smile on her face and she was clapping her hands and jumping up and down in the water! It was sooooo awesome to see!!!

It really has been neat to see how much this home missions church in Berkley has progressed each time I've been there this past little while! God is definatley changing lives and doing a great work over there!!!
Hanna and I then rushed off to the airport...
I packed successfully with JUST a carry on! I think I am going to try and do that from now on!!! You save $50 you know!!! WHo thinks I can do it for WCC???
I'm such a cute traveler...jus sayin...I AM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)