Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good news!!!

You guys, I have THE MOST AMAZING NEWS EVERRRR!!! I found out this past week something VERY IMPORTANT ABOUT MYSELF!!!
 This past week I had to have a MENTAL examination for a medical weight loss thing I am in the process of doing. ANYWAYS, before you get started in the program they have to evaluate you with a Phsycological examination, (They be a lot of cray-crays out there ya know?!) you have to take this really, really, really, REALLY loooooooong test asking you like a MILLION questions!!!
Welllll, when your done with the test it then gets graded on your answers and meanwhile your talking to a Phsycologist, and surprisingly he was really NICE and not at all weird! ANyways he was like lets look at your test results now, and he pulls out the paper and everything is divided into groups with bar graphs. He just looks at me and is like, WOW! And he points the FIRST bar on the graph and he goes, do you know what this one right here is for?
 I'm like, noooo...he's like, this measures your self-confidence, HE's like, YOU have VERY GOOD self-confidence!!! He's like, most people that I see do NOT score that high! I was laughing! I'm like, yeah, I mean, like myself! (I mean really, what's NOT to like???;) I'm like, I mean, I've NEVER thought that I was ugly, I know I need to lose weight and they're are some things I need to work on buuuut, yeah, He's like, no That's GOOD!!!
So I asked him what the other two really high bars were and he said that next one says that I am very moral and the third one says that I am very warm and nurturing person!!! So Self-confident, Moral,  warm and nurturing...AWWWWW ISN'T THAT SOOOOO MAR-BEARISH??? Purrrrrrrrrr!!!
Now, this is where THE GOOD NEWS COMES IN...Then he showed me this horizontal line that was going across a certain height of  of the graph and he said, now see this line here? So I'm like yeah, he's like, IF your self-confidence level had gone higher than this line that would have meant you were in THE DANGER ZONE!!! I'm like, Oh really? Like, that would mean I was like conceited? He was like, yes, but your not..."
Annnnnd that's MY GOOD NEWS...
I have the MEDICAL PROOF saying I'm NOT conceited!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Btw: I also found out that I'm NOT mental!!!
Altho, those three things that I scored sooooo high in,
DO STOP, right below the cRaZy line...Hee, hee!!! ;)