Friday, January 29, 2016

WHY I like to look in the mirror!!!

Soooooooooooo you all are probably juuuuuuust DYING to know the answer to this question!!! Rest assured, you will be able to sleep better tonight knowing the answer to this question!!! I'd like to start off by saying, its ALL HANNA's FAULT!!! BAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut let me explain myself first...OF COURSE there's a STORY!!! Always a story...
SOOOOOOO you all know how it is when your single, weeeeeellll at least for me, you have a list of people that IF they don't give they're approval on your latest interest for a future spouse, it AIN'T NEVER gonna know, your close Fam, mom, sister, pastor and a FEW really, really, really, REALLY close friends!!! Weeeeeeellllll Hanna happens to be one of those peeps on my list!!!
Sooooooooo there was this guy I had been crushin on from way, way, waaaaaaaay back in the day,  that her and pretty much none of my friends liked for me. Of course I would always defend the dude, like trying to convince my peeps of him EVEN tho you know deep down inside that if they don't approve it ain't never gonna happen...And every time I would defend this dude, they'd say their famous, good-friend line to me, "We're NOT saying he's isn't a good guy, we're just sayin he wouldn't be good FOR YOU! He wouldn't appreciate the things that make you our Mar Bear!" (So sweet!!) my peeps you know, they're actually really protective of me! (Awwww, I'm wiping a tear remembering, well not really, but it did make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! Buuuuuut I mean REALLY, what guy wouldn't appreciate a purrrrrring wife??? I'm jus sayin!  AHAHAHA!!! ;) Soooooo yeah, they didn't like him for ME...especially HANNA!!!
Weeeeeelllll after a while I got over him, heeeeeey you know, outta sight, OUTTA MIND!!! AHAHAHA!!! Anywayz, it dwindled down to just a "conference crush", then it faded into a, "only-if-I-ACTUALLY-talk-to-him-at-the-conference-crush" annnnd well yeah, it faded away till one conference i'm tellin Hanna, like yeah, I'm pretty much just OVER HIM!!! Annnnnnd Hanna, (I'm paraphrasing) says something like, good cuz its not like he's all that anyway! I'm like, weeeeeellll its just that he has REALLY PRETTY BLUE EYES!!! (I know, I know, it seems incriminating actually admitting to liking a guy with such a specific eye color, I actually paused for two seconds in hesitation to weather or not I should ACTUALLY admit to this...then I was like, EH its ME, MARY, its NOT like I really care what anyone thinks anyways...LOL...I have NOTHING to lose except maybe some pride...LOL...buuuuut anyway, soooo yeah, all you single guys out there, the MILLIONS I'm sure that read this blog...annnnnd happen to have blue eyes also, if your reading this and thinking, BLUE EYES??? She must be talking about ME!!! Or  to anyone speculating on WHO, just remember, this is NOT Africa, its a common eye  color...weeeeellll after THE MOST COMMON eye color which is brown!!! Sooooooo it COULD BE YOU or it could be YOUR LITTLE BROTHER...heeeeeey!!!;)
Sooooo anyway, yeah I'm just like, yeah its just his eyes, are just sooooo BLUE!!  And Hanna pauses for a moment annnnnnd THEN out of her mouth proceeded some of THE WISEST words I have ever heard in my life...
She said, well you know Mary, IF YOU REALLY LIKE BLUE EYES THAT MUCH...
 She's like, I mean, I'm JUS SAYIN!!!
I was like, heeeeeeeeeeey, that's a GOOD IDEA!!! I mean really, quite brilliant I might add!!! Hee, hee!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd soooooooooooo...
annnnnnd since she spoke these ever, oh so wise words, I have taken them wholly and COMPLETELY to heart!!! SEE, I told you all at the beginning that its ALL Hanna's fault!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!(Love you Hanna, my chocolate-covered-banana!!! Purrrrrr) I'm soooooo glad I have such awesome friends to ALWAYS keep things in perspective for me!!! So now you all know, I look in the mirror cuz I LIKE BLUE EYES...I can NOT lie!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :)