Monday, May 23, 2016

cRaZy Proposal & My DREAM Proposal!!!

LOL! Okaaaaaaay whats she supposed to do with 99 iPhones??? I saw this and was just like, WHAAAAAAAAAT IN  THE WORLD??? I mean, its extremely generous buuuuut also extremely POINT LESS!!! In my estimation, 99 iPhones woulda cost this dude AT LEAST $20-30,00!!! That's a LOT OF MONEY!!! Ummmm... HOW ABOUT a down payment on a HOUSE???? That's what would impress ME!!! :))))
ACTUALLY that's MY DREAM PROPOSAL!!! YUP, that's right, we've already done MY DREAM DATE, NOW it's time for my DREAM PROPOSAL!!!  (My dream proposal is ACTUALLY just, A PROPOSAL...ahahaha)  For like my fiancé to buy a house, bring me to see it, then he gets down on one knee, takes my hand and says something along the lines of...
"I bought this house, BUUUUT Mary My darling Mar Bear, (Mar Bear is so endearingly-cozy to me) ONLY YOU could make this house a HOME!!!

Then he pulls out a ring KEY to the house and says, Mary, WILL YOU MARRY ME AND MAKE THIS HOUSE A HOME!?!?!?!
No buuuuuut really, THAT IS, my ULTIMATE DREAM PROPOSAL!!!
I don't need spotlights, sparkles and glitter and fire works, YOU KNOW WHY??? Cuz I AM ALL THOSE THINGS!!! There's nothing more alluring to me then receiving trust and security!!! Seriously, you know my husband is gonna be the one opening his lunch to notes on napkins and stuff purrrring at him!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Such a blessed man he'll be!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)