Friday, May 13, 2016

Deedee's baptism!!!

This past Wednesday, there was a very special person to me that got baptized...DEEDEE!!! I've literally known Deedee since she was born! I remember holding her when she was a new born and freaking out because her hair was so soft, her family was laughing at me!!!
THEN she started going to church with me as soon as she was potty trained...
She's always been a favorite of mine!!! :)))
Deedee got the Holy Ghost in November and has prayed back through several times since then!!! Weeeeeeeelllll this past Wednesday, she was baptized in Jesus name! She was baptized as an infant, but we did a Bible study together on baptism and she said she wanted to be re-baptized according to how the Bible says we should be baptized...IN JESUS NAME...Because only the name of Jesus has the power to wash away our sins, because JESUS died for us!
That awkward moment when you don't know your last name during baptism!!!LOL after some discussion and trying to figure it out, since she has a different last name then her mom, a different last name then her sister, Pastor finally said, WELL God KNOWS Deedee's LAST NAME!!! LOL
This was my favorite part, when Pastor laid hands on her to pray or her before he baptized her, Deedee's lil sister Christina laid hands on her too and started praying, it was the sweetest, cutest thing ever!!! They love each other so much and Deedee wanted to wait to be baptized til her little sister was there to see it!! And then you just have to know Christina's personality, she is so IN CHARGE a total little mamma!!! She's ADORABLE!!!
Annnnnnd praise The Lord, 
there's a NEW NAME
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd it's DEEDEE'S!!!
♥Mary Frances