Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ummmm...Excuse me officer!!!

Sooooooooo Sunday night after church I went with some of my friends to eat at Café Rio. Café Rio is KIND OF like Chipolte, only WAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER!!! Like, their tortillas are homemade right then and there, ON THE SPOT and they have the bombest quesadillas and THE BEST QUESO and the best horchata everrrr!!!
Anways, they have this really funky set up for their drink booth, its supposed look like the back of a pick up truck, we've been here quite a few times before and never noticed this, buuuut I suddenly realized it and felt the need to point it out to our group...
It's the back of a pick up truck!!!
THATS SOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! then I was like, buuuuuuuuut LOOK, one of the tail lights on it is OUT!!! Then at the same moment that I noticed the tail light being out I noticed that there was this BIG TABLE of Police officers sitting there eating!!! *GASP...BRILLIANT IDEA GOING OFF IN MY HEAD... I was like, HEEEEEEEYYY YOU GUYS!!! I should go jokingly tell them that theres a tail light out...SHOULD I??? You guys DARE ME TOO???
Sooooo on the way out, Well Tommy was thanking them for their service to us as citizens and I was like, Oh yeah, and I just wanted to let you all know that theres a tail-light out on the truck over there! I point to the fountain drinks... NO LAUGHGTER!! They all just STOPPED and stared at me! I was like, UMMMM HELLO...JOKE...YOU CAN LAUGH..OMW DO COPS NOT JOKE ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS???? Then, after like 10 seconds of HORRID silence, THE BIGGEST, BUFFEST, TALLEST, BEST LOOKING cop chuckles and says, Thank you! I'll take care of it!!! AHAHAAAAA!!
When we walked out everyone was like, MAN I don't think they got you at first! Especially that little guy, he NEVER DID LAUGH!!! I'm like, YEAH, I think he had little-man syndrome going on!!! (That's when a little man is self-conscious and defensive about his littleness so he tries to be all hard core and stuff! Really, theres NO NEED to be like this, if God made you little, HE MADE YOU LITTLE, JUUUUUST ROCK IT!!! Theres also, Tall girl syndrome, this is when a really tall girl is self conscious about being tall so she slumps all the time, etc.. If God made you big, be THE BEST BIG PERSON you can be! LOL I mean, even tho I've lost weight, I'm STILL a big person, I still wear a size 12 shoe, I still have to get the largest size boxing gloves to fit my hands,(Yes, I DID just say, BOXING GLOVES!!!;)  I still need the largest headbands and hats to fit my head...even with losing fat, and losing MORE fat, I"M STILL BIG annnnnd I always will be annnnnd I'm COOL WITH THAT...God made me BIG!!! Soooooo...Whatever you are, JUST ROCK IT!!!)
Buuuuuuut then I was like, OMW, you guys I better wait till they ACTUALLY LEAVE, before I get in my car and pull away, I PROBABLY have a light out on MY CAR!!!! So then Stultz was like, ACTUALLY I do have a tail-light out on my car!!! AHAHAHA!!! Can you imagine if one of them pulled us over for that...Soooo EPIC!!!
Anyways, I was like, YEEEEESSS, the best looking one thought I was funny...BASICALLY THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Liiiiiike SIR, it's BECAUSE OF POLICE OFFICERS LIKE YOU, that I wrote THE HOT COP SONG FOR!!!

♥Mary Frances :)