Thursday, September 28, 2017

August update!!!

Weeeeeellllll I'm obviously BEHIND buuuuut here goes Augest!!! 
 Hanging out with Grammy Kathy again, that was a treat and a blast from the past!!!!
 My first latte art...

Finding slides at Fashion Square...this COULD be why kids LOVE ME...hee, hee!!!

 Long story short, don't promise Stultz you'll eat fish if he catches one...I'm not sure if I thought he wasn't going to catch one OR if I thought he wouldn't hold me to my word...Anywayz, he caught them AND HE HELD ME TO MY WORD!!!
 Ash's love birds!!!

 Stultz won..Psh!!!

 He should win after analyzing the directions for 30 minutes....BAHAHAHA!!!
 Me and my lil man!!!
 Cerretas tour!!!
 Another game night!!!
 Another South Mountain Drive...

 Picnic up the Mountain!!!

 My AWESOME shot, thanks to ALLY!!!
Stuffington Bear Factory Tour!! 
 What makes you think i'm a babysitter???

 My class!!! 
 My last Summer swim with the Greenbank girls!!!
Our last adventure, IKEA!!! 

 I really wanted these chairs from Turnstyle!!!
 Odie's 2 week obsession...LOL
I talked everyone into going...
 Grace got the Rattlesnake!!
I ate it too...

 It didn't have much flavor!!! LOL
 I really like this store!!!

 Bethany kissing THE CAT!!!

 We had a blast at the beach...

 Blackberry pie...YUMMMMM!!!!

Annnnnnnnnnd yes my friends, August ended in Cali...I can't believe September is ALMOST over now...WOW!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)