Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Coolest compliment!!!

So I post this before and after picture of myself on my family Groupme and my brother gave me one of the coolest compliments everrrrr!!!
He said, referring to my before and after picture "Same Self-Confidence though, not very many people can say that!" And I thought, that's just about THE COOLEST COMPLIMENT I've gotten during my whole weight loss journey! No, no, THAT IS THE COOLEST COMPLIMENT I HAVE GOTTEN!!!  Although, I would HAVE to say, that I think what my brother ACTUALLY meant is "Same SELF-ESTEEM" Because self-esteem is overall how you view and value yourself as a person, self-confidence is how you feel in your ability to do something.  Because one of my biggest fears with weight loss surgery, which I will go into more details in another post, was that in the process of losing weight, I would ALSO LOSE ME!!! :,( 
I talked HERE about my over all self-esteem from a legit mental health test I had to take before they started the weight loss journey process!!! The phsycholgist said he had NEVER had a client score as high as me..bahahahaaaa 
For example, my confidence may be high when it comes to public speaking or writing because I KNOW that these are strong areas in my abilities, buuuut when it comes to math, my self-confidence may not be very high, not because I think lowly of myself as a person, BUUUUT because I know this is a weakness of mine, HOWEVERRR, self-confidence can improve with learning and studying...soooo if anyone out there wants to tutor me in math...HEEEEEEEY...LOL Anyways, soooo in certain areas, my self-confidence HAS gone up with weight loss when it comes to being able to wear certain clothes because they look better now and in physical activities because with weight loss has come increased ability to become better in physical activities!!! 

However, my SELF-CONFIDENCE, which is what my brother was ACTUALLY referring to, IS THE SAME!!! And TO ME that is THE COOLEST COMPLIMENT EVERRRRR!!! Because ultimately what that means is this, I'm STILL THE SAME ME! ME has NOT been lost in the midst of MY WEIGHT LOSS!!! Believe it or NOT, that was LITERALLY my biggest fear OVERALL with having weight loss surgery, I didn't want to LOSE ME...I LOVE BEING ME!!!
I still know what I knew BEFORE weight loss, I am a child of God, my heart, my life, my being belongs to Him! I was made by Him, and FOR HIM! I am beautiful BECAUSE He created me in HIS IMAGE! I am HIS handiwork! His masterpiece! HIS DESIGN!!! My outward appearance may have changed, BUT WHO I AM HAS NOT, I am STILL God's girl...I am still my hilarious, warm-hearted, quirky, fun-loving SELF!!!
♥Mary Frances :)