Friday, February 16, 2018

January update!!!

The year started off with our usual, fireworks in the street thingy...
Cute outfits are ALWAYS a good plan!!!

Have you guys everrrr been to Lush???? Like seriously, I looooooove this place!!!
I just need to find a place where I would actually have the opportunity to use a bath bomb!!! LOL

Peace, Love and Confetti!!! 
I want this, is says, Sparkle and Shine!!!
Annnnnnnd I want this sign!!!
Annnnd I want this sign for when I get married, buuuuut clearly i'm ACTUALLY the type of girl that would make a sandwich for ANYONE!!!! LOLOL
OMW this play was soooooooooo HILARIOUS!!! 
Seriously could NOT stop laughing at certain points!!! 
If your in AZ I HIGHLEY recommend coming to a play at the HALE theatre in Gilbert AZ
When we were walking out, there was a candy dish in the props with mints in them, I just HAD to see if the mints were real annnnnd GUESS WHAT???
Tried another Boba place...Java Boba!!! 
Annnnnnnnnnd who can resist a TIPS jar like this???
OKaaaaaaaaaay I can, buuuuut It was to cuuuute to NOT take a picture!!! LOL
My lil man!!! 
My new summer hat, I figure I got a name to live up to now since the GCA principal calls me Sister Cupcake due to my cupcake beanie...sooooo CUUUUUUTE!!!
Annnnnnnnd It was soooo awesome, I got to hang out with my friend Crystal and her family this past month...
I've told her every year we gotta hang out when she comes, buuuuuut this was the first year that we ACTUALLY DID IT!!! Soooooo funnnn!!! 

Bowling...I used to be better...I REALLLLLY WAS!!!
 I'm going to blame it on my weight loss....AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo like, I seriously have a NEW FAVORITE RESTURAUNT...I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS PLACE!!! It was soooooo goooood!!!
ANNNNND at the end they give you FREE MINI DONUTS!!! They're adorable AND delicious!!! YUMMMMM!!!! And the outdoor setting is soooooooo PREEEEEETTTTTTYYYY!!!!😍😋


My January HEARTBREAK!!!💔 A ticket that cost MORE THAN I WEIGH!!!😭
Chilling with my Ash-Cat!!!
Enjoying a beautiful day...SKIPPING through the parking lot!!!
Chrissy, my Lil chocolate chip!!!

Another beautiful place to  come see in our BEAUTIFUL STATE!!!!

Okaaaaaaaay I really wanna do this with a group of's called party on a bike... it's a big bike...HOW FUNNNNN would that be????
Best friends/Best enemies!!! BAHAHAHAAAA!!!
Group hike!!!!
(And no, Odie wasn't left out of the's called BEING A STINKER...LOLOL)

Rubios has THE BOMBEST fish taco...YES, I eat fish now!!!

When auntie takes you hiking buuuuuut forgets your jacket!!!

We got Carrambas in SCOTTSDALE!!!!
Its soooooooooo GOOOOOD!!!

Taking traffic school...
Furthering my education, how many of you can hang this up with all your degrees...HEEEEEYYY!!!
A shirt that some men would probably like for their wife...Louie Lamour fans LOL 
Cucumber mom LOVED my recipe!!
Lil Miss Hanna and her lil Shopkin I gave her!!!
My new binder, thanks to ZAZZLE!!!
Gilbert Farmer's Market!!!
Liberty Market Resturaunt!!! 
You guys gotta try this place, its soooooo GOOOOOOOD!!!
Guess who hikes now??? 

A mug I reall want...sooo cool!!!
All in all, January was a gooooood annnnd BUSY and PACKED OUT MONTH!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)