Wednesday, May 2, 2018

When your best friends with a nurse...

THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU THINK YOU COULD POSSIBLY HAVE A BRAIN TUMOR annnnnnnnnnnd  you tell your friend with a nursing degree and she tells you to...
So when one of your best friends happen to be a nurse you ask them ALL your health's really quite convenient, I RARELY even go to the doctor anymore...HEE,HEE!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeelllll the other day something really weird was happening to me, every time I stood up really quick I would feel like I was going to blank out, like I would get dizzy and stuff...this happened ALL DAY long and in my mind I was thinking like, OMW, maybe I have a brain tumor...I know...things escalate very quickly in my mind!!! 
So I was telling Hanna all my symptoms, I thought for sure she would say, BRAIN TUMOR...liiiiiike FO SHO, she kinda paused then says, have you been getting enough to drink?! I thought about it then I was like, OMW, I've been forgetting to drink...liiiiiiike that's WHY I've been feeling sooooooo thirsty too!!! She was like, WOW!!! 
Buuuuuuut I was in such AWWWW...I'm like, HOW DO YOU JUST KNOW THIS STUFF??? She said that's one of the signs of dehydration, she even gave me a scientific explanation, something to do with water and your blood pumping to your heart and Idk what else but your body needs water for your blood pressure...Also nauseousness,  which I was feeling too. Anywayz, if you feel like your blanking out like that OR if you feel nauseous, GO DRINK SOME WATER!!! Annnnnd the gooooood news IS I don't have a brain tumor...just a few screws loose...BUUUUT NO BRAIN TUMOR!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)