Monday, August 26, 2019

Happy Monday!!!

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Sometimes God gives us what we want, without us ever having to do anything to get it...SOMETIMES...
buuuuuuut SOMTIMES...
 God gives us everything we NEED to make what we want, the question is: ARE WE WILLING TO WORK FOR IT??? What are you going to do this week to work towards your dreams in God's kingdom or just life goals in general??? What will you do this week with what God has already given you to work towards your dream??? 
As for me, books don't just write themselves ya know...
weeeeeeeelllll...I guess you all know what I'll be up to this week!!! 
Writers gonna write!!!

♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Whoever wrote the praying for cake quote is obviously, NOT a baker, cuz if they were, they would know that BATTER is the eggs and oil and all the ingredients you need to bake a cake mixed together...sooooo yeah...probably man!!! ;) LOL