Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Mary Fact!!!

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Fact: One compliment changed my life!!!
True story people!!! Once upon a time, in the end of 2007, before the conception of Classic Mary Moments had taken place, there was a broken-hearted Mary that had lost her merrieness MARYness!!! I had stopped writing! I didn't laugh, I hardly brushed my hair and lets be real, this may seem hard to believe, buuuuuuuut, I had started dressing like a FRUMP!!!
One day, a really good looking young man paid me a simple compliment. It wasn't flirty or outlandish, it was just a simple but sincere compliment that turned me around. I stood taller and began to make big changes in my life to live up to the compliment...annnnnd yeah...I "Fell in love" with the guy for a while too...ahem...maybe a few years...buuuuuuut...heeeeeeyyyy...I really needed that compliment at that time.
That guy, whom I thought was sooooooooo handsome, had the power to use his words to build me up or tear me down...or FURTHER down then I already felt at that time in my life!!! Sometimes we're scared to compliment someone because think they may get the wrong idea, buuuuuut you know what, I say its better to build someone up and they get the wrong idea, then to snub someone without reason and bring them down.
After that compliment, I went home from that conference with a new mindset. I was going to start dressing cutesy again! I was going to do my hair everyday and every church service no matter what. It didn't matter if there were or weren't any single guys at my church, I was still going to look good. ANNNNNND that year I started writing again. By the end of 2008, Classic Mary Moments had started and the Mary we all know and love, YES, including Mary...hee, hee, was reborn!!! 

So you see my friends, we all have power with our words.

Now do I think that none of all that would have happened IF that guy had NOT paid me a compliment??? NAH!!! I mean, I'm still Mary and God is STILL GOD!!! I'm sure eventually I would have gotten out of my slump and God would have used some other situation or person buuuuuuut heeeeeey WHY not be the good-looking-tool God uses to build someone up???? 
May as well right??? ;)  Hee, hee!!!
Any child that is around me for to long will soon be quoting John 13:35
God wants us to love each other!!! I'm not just talking about loving lost souls, I'm talking about loving our church family, loving our brothers and sister in the Lord!!! We are a witness TO LOST SOULS, by our love to one another within the church! God want us to LOVE!!! My friends, don't be fake, don't be a flatterer, don't be a player, buuuuuut sincerely be NICE!
Be Kindhearted!!!
♥Mary Frances :)