Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Falling in love!!!

I want to FALL IN LOVE!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay isn't that in the heart of just about every typical female???
This summer, I discovered something specific that I want to be totally and completely in love with!!! One day, as I was running around with my friends, Brandon and Hanna, the bride and groom, well, we're running around together doing all the typical wedding errands. We stopped for a break and while Hanna and I did whatever, Brandon sat there and read his Bible.
When it was time to leave Hanna said come on lets go! Brandon looked up from his Bible and was like, wait, just let me read one more chapter in my Bible! She kinda hesitated, since we were in a rush and had a MILLION AND ONE things to do, and he says, please?! Like a little boy begging to play with his favorite toy for five more minutes. She was like, well, how can I say NO to that??? I was like, yeah, WOW, your marrying a GOOD MAN HANNA!!! (Anywayz, back to our gossip session...JUUUUUUUUUUUST KIDDING!!! Seriously, that was a joke people!!! LOL) Annnnnnnnd just like that I thought, I WANT THAT!!!
Your probably thinking that I mean I want a man like that, buuuuuuuuut NO!!! I want that in myself!!! I want to be that same way with reading my Bible!!!
Of course I LOVE God's word!!! I read it! I listen to it, but so often it's out of a dutiful love to God and not out of a consuming desire. Of course love, even in a marriage has both a love out of duty and out of a consuming passion and desire, there are times when our dutiful love and devotion to God carries us through, but still, I want to experience that all consuming passion and desire to God as well. If you all could have just heard it in his voice, it wasn't to show off to us, TRUST ME, we're all life family, he really just wanted ONE MORE CHAPTER, before he went on his day...just a little bit more!
I want that for myself!!! I want to fall fully and completely IN LOVE with God's word! I want it to consume my life, my thoughts, my dreams. I want more than just a dutiful love, renew that passion within me. Draw me closer to you, teach me your ways, saturate my heart, my life...

♥Mary Frances :)