Friday, October 18, 2019

Hanna's Wedding (After Party!!!)

Saturday night...
Soooooooooo of course, like everyone always does, we had an AFTER party, about 5 hours after the wedding...
We went with Jen and the Velez's to Chevy's off of the water...

And we celebrated my birthday AGAIN!!! 
Baby Alina...sooooo loved by her parents!!!

Sweet 36!!! 

MJ looks sooooooo cuuuute in this pic!!!
Just enjoyin my flowers!!! 
Sunday morning!!!
We slept in for some MUCH NEEDED SLEEP and then got some chicken and waffles!!!!
O loves his bacon!!!

Enjoying my flowers again...hee, hee!!!
We took a drive up the mountain...I loooooooove all things SCENIC and adventerous!!! We stopped and got some "Fresh" fruit from a random truck on the road!!!
Tilden RailRoad!!!

This is the look out point that Brandon took Hanna, Mesgana and I out for an adventure after WCC last year!!! Except it was dark when we went, and we listened to Father Gilberts Dead Air audio drama the whole time and drank hot chocolate from Starbucks...I tell ya, it's a different kinda beauty during the day, buuuuuut it was pretty epic at night with all the sparkling lights from all the bay cities!!!


My DESLISH food...I ate WAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH and made sure to NOT make that mistake THE REST OF THE TRIP!!!! Buuuuuuut at the same time...SOOOOO WORTH IT!!! Hee, hee!!!
I just looooove Ethiopian food!!!
The Bride...isn't her Ethiopian wedding dress pretty bomb...
Hanna just always has this exotic look to her!!!
They gave me an Ethiopian dress too...I pretty much just ROCKED IT!!!
Don't I look good in it???

With Mocha Mom!!!
At this point, and you can't quite see it the pictures but all the family gathered around and started singing an old Ethiopian blessing song to newlyweds! I'm NOT quite fluent in Amharic, buuuuuuuuut it the translation of it was something along the lines of may they be fruitful and their seed be as blessed as the seed of Abraham...

Btw: Brandon, the groom is not Ethiopian, he is African American, buuuuuuuuut he did a DNA test to find out what African ethnicity he descends from and he is mostly Nigerian. He's pretty proud of that fact!!! Isn't that cool that you can find that out? I want to find out what all I am...buuuuut I'm scared I'll find out I'm even less Italian than JUST HALF!!! AHAHAHAAA!!! Buuuuuuuuut then, WHAT IF I"M MORE??? I'll pretty much NEVERRRR shut up about that if it's true!!! Hee, hee!!!
Also, I am now able to do the Ethiopian ululation noise!!! So I really am officially part Ethiopian, although, Mesgana already said that I was, buuuut I guess I am even more now!!!

Odin was literally loved by all of Hanna's family!!! This is one of her cousins that they left shouting besties and BFFS too...that kid!!! NEVER MET A STRANGER...NEVERRRRR!!!
Since the night was still young, we decided to head into THE CITY!!!
You have NO IDEA how amazingly AWESOME it is to go into the city and need a hoody...IN JULY!!! This is like an absolute MIRACLE for any AZ GIRL!!!

The giant krispy Kreme store...sooooooo I personally am not a HUGE KK loverrrr buuuuut, who can resist getting their picture taken in a HUGE DONUT...NOT I!!!!
Isn't this like, THE COOLEST picture everrrr of me???
MJ took it, she was feeling like a photographer tonight...usually I get a huff an eye roll...buuuuuuuuuuuuut apparently, she had a temporary interest in due someone else being interested in photography...I'm like...ummmm really... can some boys her age in AZ take an interest in photography as well???? Cuz to be honest, I ACTUALLY think she is quite talented!!!
Well MORE from this trip to come...stay tuned!!!
♥Mary Frances :)