Friday, November 1, 2019

After-after-after PARTY! (Rest of the trip!)

Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooooo who's like SOOOOOO done with hearing about this trip??? Cause I'm done writing about it!!!! LOL Buuuuuuuut here we go...
Okaaaaaaaaaay this was sooooooooo much fun, riding the trolley up and down the hills of San Francisco!!!

I highly recommend doing this if your there...don't ask my pastor HIS opinion on riding the trolley's though...I told him he just wasn't riding them the right way...sitting down in your seat safely???? NO gotta stand up and hang on for dear life...that's THE ONLY PROPER WAY TO RIDE A TROLLEY!!!

Chow mein in china town...I've had better and it was made by white people...Idk...I just thought it woulda been warm...AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
Foccacia  bread...something this Italian girl needs to learn how to make!!! (And spell!;)
Mr. Adorbs!!!
Isn't this sooooo cuuuuute...well except MJ was over her photographing career...I'm like seriously...hold it the right angle, zoon in on the gelato....skip out on the whole side walk...buuuuuut's hard not being able to stand back and look on the camera screen, angle it in an amazing direction, and STILL be in the picture!!! And yes I know about selfie-sticks, buuuuuut the can only work to a certain extent!!!!
Say I Love you, THE ITALIAN WAY!!!

 I looooooove how all the houses are different bright colors...Very Maryish!!!
I believe this little in San Fran's Little Italy closed down due to traffic or whatever, but there are more in the San Fran and also a few other areas if you click on the link in the name above this pic...this pizza really was BOMB!!!
 Little O really appreciates Little Italy for all the pizza places!!!
 Mama's for breakfast...well it's a goal of ours but was to full to eat a meal when we found lost in Little Italy on the's on my list for January tho!!! Hee, hee!!!
A lot of reviews on YELP...Hanna had wanted to go here for my birthday breakfast, liiiiiike we take the ferry out to San Fran and then eat there...our whole group...which I thought sounded AMAAAAZINGLY FUUUUUNNN..buuuuuuut...Unrealistic in light of the wedding in 2 days!!!
ME: at the bottom of a hill...OMW LOOK AT THOSE STAIRS...they're beautiful...Like Jacobs stairs to heaven...lets go see where they go!!!
 The only angels descending these stairs tho was me and LITTLE O!!!
 The rest of our crew wasn't curious enough for the hike up...oh the way... they just went to someone's house...I was like...really...we need that dramatic of an entrance??? And where do you park? You carry your groceries up that??? Whatevs!!!

Bermice is a certain Asian ethnicity!!!!
We met Anali here for dinner...this place is sooooooo amazingly good!!!!
There's just too many good places to eat in the bay area!!!

There's just beautiful succulents growing everywhere out here!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaay soooooo boba shops are like EVERYWHERE in the bay area...amongst one of our favorites was iTea!!!
Wow...who's luggage was that??? ;)
Almeda beach...

It's all going good...till a drunk man came and joined us...he was...waving to the waves...NO JOKE!

I was going to split the peach cream thingy with my sister...buuuuuut the next thing I knew, IT WAS GONE...shhhh...she doesn't know I even got one soooooo it's ALL GOOD!!!!

What am I eating???? that sad moment when you can't looks good tho...I'm sure it was...I try not to waste my calories on unworthy food...Hmmmm...what was that???
Don't I have THE CUUUUUTEST ever luggage????
Floral, especially bright roses are soooooooo ME!!!

This is FREE!!! Great for all the kiddos...and a few adults...hee,hee!!! ;) ;) ;)

On the way to the airport!!!! 
Sitting in the middle seat and COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE!!! 
Weight loss benefits...WOOOHOOO!!!
After an AWESOME TRIP, I was ready for HOME!!!
 115 degree weather and everything...