Thursday, July 2, 2020

Tasty Tue/Thursday!!!

Anyone that's been around me for to long knows that I am a YELP ELITE reviewer!!! YES, that's right, I got nominated by YELP for their ELITE status and I absolutely LOVE eating and writing about FOOD!!!! Look me up on YELP as Mary "Mar Bear" G. or with the email Buuuuuuuuuut since I love writing reviews, I thought, WHY not share the ABSOLUTE BEST  with you all!!!!
Sooooooooo if your in AZ, and you go to Sedona AZ...
Javelina Cantina Review
I'm not sure HOW this place is only 4 stars, it was absolutely superb!!! My sister and i split the fajita steak chimichanga. It was huge and we still had half a plate left. It was moist and juicy on the inside, exploding with flavor, while still being crispy on the outside. The cherry on top of this beautiful work of deliciousness was the river of queso cascading over it.
Photo of Javelina Cantina - Sedona, AZ, United States. Steak fajita chimichanga with rice and beans!
 Can i get an amen up in here?!

The chips and salsa were on point...literally so fresh they were still warm! My niece, a medical vegetarian, got the Mexican street corn and was very happy with her choice, i was scared to ask her for a bite though- i didn't want my finger to get munched up. My nephew got the kids cheese quesadilla and fries and was happy as well! We wanted to try one of their desserts buuuuuuut just couldn't get in another bite.  
The seating in this place has a lot of beautiful window views, also great views in the outdoor seating, buuuuuuut its AZ, just too hot for that today! You could also go out onto the patio and see javelinas walking around in the desert below, being an Arizonan, it wasnt a big deal for us but out of staters were completely enthralled by it!!! Our waiter, i believe Juan, was just soooooooo nice and friendly a s helpful!!!

Our only disappointment was that the menu on google had said the jalapeno poppers came with a spicy prickly pear sauce and instead came with ranch, they said they no longer carry that sauce, while they were still good, nothing overly exciting or unique.

I would like to end this review with an apology, im pretty sure i heard the stuffed churros crying over my rejection to a date with them. While i did find myself very attracted to them, the time just wasn't right for us to be together- Next time my sweet gwapo!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)