Monday, May 10, 2021

Go VOTE!!!

Hey you guys, TODAY, Monday, May 10th is THE LAST day to go vote for one of our own to win a Christian music contest!!! GO HERE
and vote under duets for THE FOSTERS!!! The Foster\"s recently started a home missions church in ABQ New Mexico!!! His wife was my childhood bestie, Bishop Abbott\"s daughter, my pastor\"s younger sister and Denae Abbott\"s big sister! I know you all may think that Denae and I are close in age buuuuuut I actually used to baby sit her when I\"d spend the night with Devi! (Denae was such a little nark too!;) 
Andrew and Devi Foster are amazing people and both have been huge encouragers in my writing- in fact Devi used to edit my writing BEFORE I even knew where to put a period...I mean if you think I need an editor shoulda seen what she had to work with!!! BAHAHAHAAA!!! 
It would be sooooo awesome if you voted for them!!!
By their music here
♥Mary Frances :)