Friday, May 21, 2021

Pet peeves #2!!!

I dedicate this pet peeve post to Jedidah!!! Cuz when I listed my first one in 2019, I get this random text from her saying that she LOVED my post today!!! I was liiiiike, I havn't heard from you in like a yearish annnnnnnnnnnnd out of the hundreds of blog posts i post, she's TOUCHED by a pet peeve post!!! Only Jedidah!!! It's been a while, i'm hoping this will bring out another text from her! I know I COULD just text her, buuuuut this is waaaaaaaaaaaay funnerrrr!!!



1. Ya’all when your not from a ya’all state! If your NOT from Texas or something just stop with the ya'all!!! It's duuuuuuuuuuude out here!!! LOL Or whats up bros!!! You just say bros to everyone unless it's like your pastor's wife!!!!!! LOL I'm sure it's PROBABLY someone's pet peeve that i say bros and DUUUUUUDE...and thats ok!!! Hee, hee

2. False endearments- It drives me crazy when I read blog posts and people say hi lovlelies or dear ones...I'm like you don't even know whose reading this, it could be like, HEY CREEPER!!! I try to stick with peeps, friends or brothers and sisters in the Lord---I mean even that could be pushing it! LOL Or like when they just call you sweetie or something and they don't even know you! Or like random men that just call you darling! I am NOT your darling!!! It just seems like when you use it all the time to people that it really doesn't mean anything anymore, the endearment loses its value!!! Especially if your the plumber fixing the pipe at our house...jus sayin!!! 😆😅😝😂😂😂

3. No straws- Ok Starbucks, I get the whole trying to save the turtles-Okaaaaaaay ACTUALLY i don't, lol, buuuuuuuuuuuuut yeah-your a multi-million dollar, world wide corporation, instead of putting us on a guilt trip every time we ask for a straw, couldn't you just get those ghetto bio-degradable straws??? I'm just a huge straw person- I literally get dehydrated withhout a straw!!! 

4. no free samples cuz of COVID-Seriously this is such an excuse to save money!!! 

5. The smell of pot-I think if you wanna smoke pot you should have to stay locked up in a room and then fully shower and get like fumigated before being released!!!  Sometimes I wonder if skunks just smoke pot then 💨 they let loose! Has anyone else ever wondered that?!

6. Uber deliveries to apartments- sooooooo annoying finding the place

7. freeway lanes that just merge onto an exit-this could seriously almost cause an accident-not that I know from experience or anything-buuuuuuut almost perhaps a few times!!!😇

8. cold bacon 🥓 -Dunkin Donuts insists that it doesn't matter if their snackin bacon is hot or cold cuz its a snack!!!

9. Mask 😷 police 🙄- Liiiiike when your at the store and someone has to say something about your accidentally slipping below your nose! Its liiiiike- okaaaaaaaaaay if you'd just stay 6 feet away from me- buuuuuuuuuuuut I'm a Christian about it, cuz the Bible says we should live peaceably with all men!!! 

10. Nasty 🤢 smelling hand sanitizer- Why do some hand sanitizer smell sooooooo bad, like beer or something and you actually wonder if it would be better to just get Covid???  

11. Roundabouts-Theyre like scary to figure out where your supposed to exit!!!

12. THE SMELL OF FABULOSO!!! I literally hate the smell of that cleaner!!! It just smells very cheap and ghetto!!! When I smell it at a resturaunt they automotically get tainted in my mind!!! Okaaaaaaay I have an overly sensitive nose!!! Its a big thing with me!!! I pour bleach down drains, have wall plug-ins, aroma therapy, candles, sprays, bring air freshner on trips, but I don't like cheap 

13. When people always tell me that they don't read my blog... as if my world's gonna be shattered by that news! Buuuuuut like, you know they actually do, they just don't want you to know for some weirdo its sinful to's just writing guys...I'm gonna write weather anyone reads it or not! Next time someone tells me that, I wanna just respond In the famous words of my sister, "Don't care!" AHAHAHAHAAA!!!!  of course I won't... buuuuuut... Guess what?! MY MOM DOESN't read my blog either!!! Buuuuuuuut she DID!!! ;)