Saturday, June 26, 2021

Single Saturday!!!

I don't know WHYYY buuuuuut this meme just cracks me up like BIG TIME!!! Liiiiiiike I literally can NOT stop laughing every time I look at it!!! Really guys, you all no that I am sooooo NOT  a man hater but this is really funny...I love that bear too!!! 
Maybe it's cuz I walked back into the weight loss clinic I go to and the owner, and another client and the two secretaries are exchanging "Husband" stories...THE MAIN one being the lady whose husband woke her up to tell her she was snoring and he couldn't fall asleep...She's liiiiiiike, LIKE HE NEVERRR SNORES... and then they turn to me and are liiiiike, MARY FORGET EVERTHING WE EVER SAID ABOUT YOU NEEDING TO GET MARRIED...

♥Mary Frances :)