Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Unfulfilled dreams!!!

There's a song i've been listening to A LOT lately called, "I will walk this road" and basically the song is talking about walking this road it takes to live for God. The lady that wrote it says she wrote this song when she was 15 years old and her youth leader backslid. My friend sent the song to me last week because she said it reminded her of something I had said and she knows all about what I've been through with one of my own best friends and not just a friend but someone that I looked up to, backslid last year. When I heard the song and the ladies story for writing it, I started crying!!! 
One of the lines says, "every single dream I have to lay aside" that song really sticks out for me. I think sometimes we are so focused on our dreams in life that we forget what it's really all about. 
What if my dreams in this life NEVER COME TRUE???
I was there with my mom almost every night for the last three months before she died. I want to tell you guys something, my mom was one of the strongest, most amazing woman of God you will ever meet! She lived a hard life and she had A LOT OF DREAMS in this life, that were NEVER FULFILLED!!! 
 I was also there with her the night she had a vision of heaven annnnnnnnnnd I'm telling you guys, WHEN SHE SAW HEAVEN, every unfulfilled dream on this earth was FORGOTTEN!!! From that point on, her only desire was HEAVEN!!!
You guys, PUT JESUS FIRST!!!!
Your NOT going to care about anything you didn't get down here!!!

♥Mary Frances :)