Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Bad Matchmaking-By Odin Ginty Case #8999999975621111

Sooooooo as i've  already told  you all, Odin is the world's MOST AWKWARD AND HORRIBLE matchmakerrrrrrr EVERRRRRRRR!!!

Sooooooooooo back in December, we went to go Hale theatre to see this murder mystery play and to be honest it was actually kinda scary...weeeeelll honestly the music was the scariest part, buuuuuuuuut RIGHT at the end the murderer comes into the room and it's PITCH BLACK and this really eerie music comes on and the murderer is holding a knife up to the girl... and Odin is sitting next to me and i'm thinking oh i hope he isn't to scared cuz i'm feeling scared, so I hold on to him to comfort him and he's liiiiike....SOOOOOOOOOO LOUDLY...pointing to the murderer THAT IS HOLDING A KNIFE TO THE LADY...
Oooooh Aunt Mary, 
He's liiiiiiiiiiiiike, WEEEEEEELL DoOoOoOoOo YOU??? I was liiiiiiiiike OMW SERIOUSLEY???? I'm trying to BE SCARED right now and your making me LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

 Weeeeeeellllll that's ODIN FOR YA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)